At least some of the press are waking up to the danger that Nicola Sturgeon poses. The fact that she is not even a PPC but could still determine the futures of everyone in the land seems to have passed most people by. She preaches the sermon of fairness for all, a socialist idyll in which the talented and hard-working pay for the not so talented and feckless.
There are many areas of work whereby people can do well and earn a lot of money, in the same areas and in others, people can do exceptionally well and earn even more money. Should either group be punished financially because they are achievers? Also, let’s not forget that a lot of these people will have put their lives and finances on the line in order to do well. Ask any small business entrepreneur what they had to sacrifice in order to start their businesses up and they will say, money, family time and, in some cases, health.
I know from my own experience that when you start a business and employ people to work in it, wages are, by necessity, low and this is because a fledgling small business cannot sustain a high wage bill. As it grows, as mine did, the individual wages grew along with it.

Sturgeon wilfully ignores all of the problems of business and only looks at the bottom line. As a true socialist she believes that everyone in the company should receive the same wage and reap the same rewards as those who set up the business. This is why the woman is dangerous. She hasn’t a clue about business, if she did have she would know that her policies will send thousands of small and medium size businesses to the wall on both sides of the border. However, that is a scenario which she doesn’t even contemplate because her motivation is power. She said it at the last debate when she sneered at Miliband at told him that she could make sure that he has the keys to Number 10 on May 8th.
Arrogance, greed, and a hunger for complete control make this Marxist woman a threat to democracy in the UK.

There is an even bigger problem, in seeking to achieve the socialist idyll, she will, as I said, send thousands of small and medium size businesses to the wall, the knock-on effect being that she will also put thousands, if not tens of thousands of people out of work.
The question to be asked is, for what? It certainly won’t be because she has soaked the rich to pay for her socialist dreams, they will have left the country in their droves as they have done in France.
The Welfare Bill will rise significantly meaning that the Labour government she is propping up will have to borrow more money to pay for it. There will be no money to invest – a term she loves to use but forgets to say where this investment money will come from – only borrowed money. Forget also the fair taxes for all because Labour will have to raise taxes and VAT right across the board to pay for this egoistic woman’s socialist dream.
There will be those who want to jump in and say, ‘hold on, she is a Nationalist not a socialist!’ Open your eyes, the SNP is a socialist movement in all but name! Sturgeon and Leanne Wood, the deluded leader of Plaid Cymru, whilst both spouting nationalistic rhetoric with a fervour last seen at a Nazi rally in the late thirties, were equal in their condemnation of capitalism, equal in their hatred of business, equal in their delusion that by punishing the top 1% you will solve all of the country’s financial ills.
They vilified UKIP as a dangerous racist entity, vented their hatred of David Cameron and anything Tory whilst goading Miliband because he is seen as the weakest link.
The two ironies in all of this is that by the very nature of being a nationalist you are, by default, a racist. The other irony is that Miliband is as much an anti capitalist and fervent Marxist as they are.

Great countries are always destroyed from within and this is happening to this country now. The race to the Left will leave this country without a nuclear deterrent, no armed forces to speak of, instead relying on a European Army which will be lead by bureaucrats instead of Generals. More importantly, the Left will bankrupt the country both financially and morally. When people have nothing and law and order has broken down; as it surely will, they will do anything to feed and defend their families. This is when the moral structure within society breaks down, when there is nothing left the people take what they can when they can.
I am sad that this message will not get through to the good people of Great Britain because like all great Empires of the past the first to be corrupted were the political class, swiftly followed by the Middle Class as the rot filtered down.
Greed and envy are the real weapons of mass destruction and a Scotland, Hell bent on destroying itself and the Union, under the manicured thumb of Sturgeon can only mean disaster for Great Britain.


2 thoughts on “A LEFT CASTASTROPHE

  1. Jason Mark Rutter April 19, 2015 / 2:24 am

    Another excellent post. So truthful and so Right!


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