The casual attempt by the ultra left-wing BBC to pull the wool over the eyes of the British public during last night’s Leaders Debate by presenting the Left as the true face of fiscal responsibility and the only people capable of forming the next government might have succeeded had it not been for Nigel Farage.
It was unfortunate that he was not on best form but one can forgive him this lapse as it was obvious that the duplicitous BBC programmers had deigned that he be used as some sort of ‘sacrificial lamb’. The vitriolic Sturgeon took full advantage, never missing an opportunity to scourge Nigel with her waspish tongue, so too the beehived Welsh contingent, Leanne Wood, (a spiffing Welsh name which conjures up pictures of…. English suburbia actually.) she was in competition with Sturgeon to see which one of them could score most low points by attacking UKIP.
Both had their heads so far up their individual alimentary canal’s that their argument was often lost. Immigration became a not-so-veiled accusation of racism against Nigel Farage and his Party. The NHS likewise, so too housing. These two women, like the good circus performers they are, managed to conjure any and every statement made by Nigel Farage into one of outlandish racism. The stooge for the duration of this farce was the gormless Ed Miliband. ( He has a ‘Plan’ you know)

The point being deliberately missed by the other five members of the panel is this, the only ‘ism’ that UKIP are concerned about is REALISM.
If your garden floods and the barrier between you and your neighbour breaks down then their garden floods also. The same is true for their barrier with their neighbour and so on and so on. Once the waters recede you and your neighbours are left with a sea of mud and this is when the recriminations and mud-slinging begins.
A poor analogy you might say but substitute water for people and this is exactly what is happening because of the EU policy of open borders and free movement of people. Britain has and continues to be flooded with migrants from the EU and they have a detrimental effect on the country’s infrastructure, health service, housing and schools.
Turning your back on the problem and slinging mud at anyone who dare to state the obvious is not the answer, Nor, is offering half-hearted, half-baked schemes with the sole purpose of duping the public into voting for you.
It is realistic to highlight the fact that Great Britain cannot sustain the levels of migrants currently flooding into the country, not racist.
It is realist to highlight the fact that we do not have enough social housing for an influx of migrants, not racist.
It is realistic to highlight the fact that Local Authorities are being unfairly asked to find school places for the children of migrant families. Again, not racist.
It is realistic to highlight the fact that employers are increasingly paying below the national minimum wage to migrant workers, not racist.

There were some really nasty statements made against UKIP in the debate last night, non of them true, as Nigel Farage pointed out when he called Miliband a liar. You will notice that this was done to Miliband’s face because UKIP are not in the business of back-stabbing.
Most of the political pundits were surprised by the UKIP manifesto and many; the vast majority in fact, had to admit that it was a sensible well-thought-out policy document which stands up to scrutiny. I believe that this is why UKIP are now being vilified at every turn. The Left hate truth and are completely ignorant of any form of planning. This is why when presented with a carefully thought-out and costed plan, one where the costs have been independently verified, one where the truth is laid out in black and white with concise solutions alongside, one where the Left is shown up to be out of touch with the needs of the country and its people they, (the Left), go on the attack.
Unfortunately for Miliband, despite his boasting and posturing, he has no ‘Plan’. He never has had a plan, like his predecessor he makes it up as he goes along. This means that his attacks fail, his credibility goes down and he’s left with the prospect of being just a figurehead to the real power base, which would be the SNP, should we have a hung Parliament.

It was pleasing to see on social media that the vast majority of the British public saw last nights programme for what it was, a sleazy side-show of the lowest order, produced to vilify the Government and, especially UKIP, whilst showing the virtues of a Left-Wing spendfest. Given what happened last time we had these goons spending our money, we can only hope that the Great British people see sense and vote anything but Labour.


2 thoughts on “BE REALISTIC

  1. Jason Mark Rutter April 18, 2015 / 1:33 am

    This is an excellent piece! Common sense will prevail in our Country – it is just taking others a little longer to wake up to the truth of what is happening to our once great Country. We will prevail and Win over the people to support and vote UKIP! It is a political party that represents real people. Not a party of left or right but about right and wrong! The LibLabCons are finished! Believe in Britain NOT the corrupt European Union Dictatorship!


  2. Darren Scanlon April 19, 2015 / 2:42 am

    A very accurate appraisal of what was truly a well planned debacle. Nicely done, Phil.


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