Is it any wonder that Labour are topping most of the polls at the moment, especially when our TV screens are constantly flooded with the sight of the gauche, lacklustre leader of the Labour Party, spouting scripted half-truths and a Walter Mitty picture that he sees as the future of the UK ?
Has it not crossed anyone’s mind but mine that the MSM (Main Stream Media) are concentrating heavily on Labour whilst leaving the rest of the political pack to drown in their own jingoisms? At the very least, Cameron needs to get a grip of the situation and start complaining loud to the man at the top who, I suspect, is orchestrating a Labour victory. I am referring to the multi billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the 91st richest man in the World and the 33rd most powerful.
Regular readers of my blog posts will know that I care not if someone is a millionaire, billionaire or pauper. I do care if, when they have worked their way to the top, they start to force their agenda on to the very people upon whose backs they used to climb to the top. Murdoch is all about money and power, his empire is Worldwide and he is ruthless. It is no secret that if he decides to back a political party during an election then that party’s prospects of being elected are greatly enhanced; take for example Bliar’s New Labour.
Being a media magnate gives Murdoch a huge advantage when it comes to politics. One word from him and a political party can face media blackout or, find itself in the full glare of MSM favour, as is happening with the useless Miliband and his merry band of Labour failures.

I am not sure what mere mortals such as we can do about these ruthless personages except to highlight what is going on and to complain at every opportunity. These people are vulnerable, the trick is to discover their Achilles Heel. I would imagine that in the case of Murdoch the first step would be to have a mass walk out of patronage to his media products. I cannot imagine ‘white van man’ ditching the Sun newspaper for the Daily Mail though.
It sickens me that this man has had his grubby little hands in the last three UK General Elections, with predictable outcomes. My advice at the moment would be to complain to the TV companies and point out that the sight of Miliband at breakfast, lunchtime, and teatime is nauseous in the extreme.

Murdoch is driving this election for his own ends, there will obviously be a pot of gold that he has already identified and laid claim to should the unthinkable happen and Labour win on May 7th. I suspect that it has something to do with the European Union as he is a big admirer of this corrupt organisation and does not want to see the UK leave it.
Do not let him manipulate the outcome of this election, see it for what it is, the top fifty most powerful people in the World dictating the destiny’s of the billions who populate this planet of ours.
This is no conspiracy theory, look to recent post-war history.
Despots running most of Africa so that the rich of China, America and Russia can get richer and more powerful.
An inexperienced idiot put in charge of the USA on a wave of anti-racism and Liberal sentiment. Why, because it suited the “Fifty” to have a weak America in order that they could exploit the Middle East and South America.
The American sub-prime crisis which brought about a Worldwide recession. Just ask yourselves who actually gained from this? Worldwide recessions do not just happen, the top “Fifty” are not on their perch because they are not financially astute. They are very clever, very calculating individuals who know exactly what they are doing at all times with absolutely no regard for the collateral damage which is an obvious consequence of their selfish actions.

Next time you buy the Sun newspaper or tune into Sky TV just remember whom you are really supporting by doing this. The “Kingmaker” cares not as long as he gets you money along with your soul!


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