Ed Miliband plays the envy card and all of a sudden he and his duplicitous Labour Party take a leap in the polls. For God’s sake, wake up sheople, the man is a card-carrying hypocrite who would do anything to prove to his brother that the Unions made the right choice by picking him as leader. He was lying through his teeth when he said he would scrap the non-domicile tax loophole as was proved today when he started spluttering over the detail and all but admitted that the cost would be too much.
As for being a better choice than his brother, that is debatable. On the one hand is a Union lap-dog whilst on the other, a raving Blairite. Both as much use to the British people as a chocolate fireguard. I am so angry at the way this election is developing, I just cannot believe the stupidity of the British people, how can they forget the debacle that was the thirteen years of a Labour government? It bankrupt the country, produced more feckless shirkers than a prison run by the Green Party, killed thousands of patients in the NHS through the ridiculous culture of target chasing instead of patient care and then had the audacity to blame everyone else from the bankers to the man in the street.

Most of the culprits from the last Labour government are still around and, even more frightening, in position to take up the same jobs that they had when they were in government. “Killer” Burnham will be bursting a gut to take over the reins of the NHS once again. Expect more privatisation by the ‘backdoor’, especially as he is an admirer of TTIP. One fears for their loved ones should they be unfortunate enough to be in a NHS hospital under his watch.
Are people really that apathetic that they forget the stories, all verified, of the old and infirm reduced to drinking from flower vases because the doctors and nurses neglected them. Why did they neglect them, they neglected them because they were too busy trying to meet Mr Burnham’s targets or because it was allegedly thought beneath a nurse with a degree to feed and water patients.
South Staffs where over 1200 patients died needlessly was just the tip of the iceberg and yet this cocky little man announces to the media that it isn’t his fault but that of management within the NHS authorities. I think someone forgot to tell him that the bloke at the top is the one who catches the buck.

Then there is Harriet harmful, the jolly housewife who wrote in favour of child exploitation, arguing that it was OK as long as the children were not harmed. This was during her days with National Council for Civil Liberties to which that delightful, child-friendly organisation known as The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was an affiliate. She is on record as refusing to apologise for her involvement with the NCCL when she knew that PIE was an affiliate.
In my opinion the whole Labour Party organisation stinks from top down, from Cain and Able at the top to the humble thug employed to disrupt meetings organised by those who are foolish enough to disagree with the Labour Party doctrine.
Please don’t get me started on the postal vote, a system designed to ensure that Labour should win in the majority of constituencies.

The Labour Party is a smug class of failures who believe in the old mantra that if you tell the same old lie often enough it will eventually become fact. The sickening thing is, it is working yet again. People all over the country are falling for Miliband’s lies, deceit and scaremongering. It needs to be addressed and as far as I can tell, the present incumbent of No 10 is proving that he is not up to the task.
Only one Party leader has so far shown total disregard for the political correctness that these cretins hide behind and that person is Nigel Farage. Like him or loathe him he does tell it as he sees it with total disregard for the criticism that is bound to follow. He has proved that he is most definitely a man of the people it’s just a pity that the people have not realised this and got behind him and the UK Independence Party in the numbers required to ensure that the likes of Miliband and Cameron never get their grubby hands on the reins of power ever again.

One thought on “WAKE UP SHEOPLE!

  1. Darren Scanlon April 10, 2015 / 6:17 pm

    If only there was a concise and effective way to wake sheople up to the lies before its too late!


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