The ‘Chosen One’ is back! Lord Blair of Mass Destruction, the millionaire who believes that the poor of this country are only useful for ticking boxes in Labour’s favour has, according to the Scotsman, made a dramatic return to British politics.
If by, “dramatic return” they mean hypocrisy on the hoof then yes, he did return. He made a brief appearance in his old constituency of Sedgefield, (a safe Labour seat that he was shipped into) in order to prop up the feckless Ed Miliband.

One only has to listen to Blair and his acolytes to understand the true meaning of the modern Labour Party. It is a self-serving machine programmed to preserve the seats of Labour politicians no matter what the cost to the public or the country. The true nature of this is no better expressed than by Blair himself, when he stated; “voters cannot be trusted to base their decisions on sensible economic arguments.” He was referring to the Scottish referendum but he might just as well have been talking about any decision that should be put to the country in a democratic society. You see, Blair does not believe that the ‘people’ should be given a choice. Thankfully, the General Election is built into the Constitution otherwise he would, no doubt, have done away with that as well during his tenure as Prime Minister.
He saw himself as the supreme Head of State, the man who knew better than any other person in the land, his hubris knew no bounds. Citing cost, he stripped the Queen of her Royal Yacht, Royal Flight and Royal Train, only to use them for his own needs and for the needs of his Ministers.
A true power-crazed hypocrite!

This man actually believes that he and his Ministers brokered a good deal for the future of this country within the EU. He tries to mask this by referring to the disastrous EU as Europe. He even has the audacity to say that the deal in 2008, ( remember that sad June day in 2008 when he and Gordon Brown literally gave this country to the EU ),
was principled and intelligent and showed that Labour understood Britain’s future and its destiny better than anyone else. He then gives this as a very good reason for voting Labour on May 7th.
This is exactly why no-one should vote Labour on May 7th! The sheer hubris of the man beggars belief. If you truly care for the country and for your own well-being then stay as far away from Labour and its lies as you can. You should certainly take no notice what-so-ever of Blair. The man is a proven liar, a proven hypocrite and a proven self-serving, selfish excuse for a politician.
Lest you all forget, this is the man who wanted to be the first President of the EU, unfortunately for him the Burghers at the top within the European Union did not think that just giving your country away and the Rights of its people was enough to justify bestowing upon him that particular accolade.

Blair is yesterdays man and although Labour fervently want everyone in this country to forget recent history, his legacy precedes him. He rode roughshod over the British Constitution, used our Armed Forces as cannon fodder to further his World stage ambitions and promptly left office when questions about his leadership were voiced.
Under him, we had the ridiculous Human Rights Act which every criminal, foreign or otherwise, hides behind, making it virtually impossible for the Judiciary to do the work which we pay them to do. He allowed the banks a free rein and then blamed them for the global financial collapse. Then, in an act of sheer audaciousness he, along with Gordon Brown, he tried to illicit credit for saving the British economy. Pure fiction, the two of them completely mismanaged this country when they were in power. Both as useless as the other, they made the NHS a place where patients feared to go, neglected the country’s infrastructure, overspent on the Olympic games, overspent on the white elephant known as the “Dome” and instead of reforming the House of Lords they left it in an undignified mess and unfit for purpose.

Only idiots and die-hard Labour supporters would give this man the time of day. He is an utter disgrace and does not deserve a platform on anyones stage. Believe him at your peril, Blair and insidious Labour will destroy the country, in essence, they will complete the job that they started in 1997.
Do not give them that chance, never vote Labour again, never allow them into a position of power.


One thought on “THE CHOSEN ONE?

  1. gillian byrne April 8, 2015 / 5:20 am

    The untimely death of John Smith led to Blair taking over party leadership, by fair means or foul, leading to 13 years of tyranny and spin-doctoring. Looking back, one wonders “what if”?


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