Is Communism right, is Democracy wrong?
Do you believe in the ‘Thoughts of Mao Zedong?
Mao Ze who? The young might say
Because Labour threw history lessons away.
Mao shaped China with bullets and blood
Ignoring all protest because he could
Became Communist leader, top-dog supreme
By nurturing and following his Communist dream.
His vision for China was for a nation of power
One which made Western countries cower.
In this he succeeded because China today
Leads the World in many a way!
Juxtapose this with American might
Under Obama the eagle has lost its bite
Its talons dulled by Left-wing dross
Never reconciled to their Vietnam loss.
It wasn’t the military who lost to the ‘Cong’
But politicians at home who got it all wrong!
A familiar story throughout the West
Where politicians think they know best!
The present POTUS has shown no ambition
Nor the good grace to offer contrition.
You can’t run a country from out on the links
No wonder America thinks that he stinks!
So it has to be asked even though its too late
And as no-one is stepping up to the plate…
Will the West be stronger, be calmer
When America finally gets rid of Obama?
There’ll certainly be less of a Middle East crisis
Because the Republicans will surely decapitate ISIS!
Strong leadership matters, gives a Party a voice,
Shows the voting public they’ve made the right choice.
Across the pond Great Britain must choose
The Electorate ready and waiting for clues
From a poor selection, an Eton mess
Of political correctness, a verbal caress.
Saville Row suits without any ties!
Giving unintelligible answers, basically, lies!
Then the ‘debates’, for the Parties selected
Rehearsed in the studio until perfected.
The No ten contest is broadcast early
Hosted by Paxman and old Kay Burley
With the audience chosen, questions OK’d
The lights go up, the music’s played
The two main protagonists will take to the stage,
Miliband bemoaning the minimum wage.
Whilst Cameron, snug in a smart blue suit,
Will probably take the economic route.
The gloves are off, the stage is set,
Now we must wait to see whom we get.
The pundits are saying its too close to call
But the writing is there to see on the wall.
There’ll be no revolution, no ‘long march’,
No military leaders, collars stiffened with starch,
No little fat man with a little red book
Killing protesters as his fancy took!
No coloured POTUS with a very vague past
Whose Christian values are jeered to the last!
A President familiar with Middle East souks
Prepared to give Moslem Iran some nukes.
Forty odd days where seeds will be sown,
In the hope that the message will get home.
There’ll be hustings from Aberdeen to Dover
I’ll be glad when the whole bloody thing is over!


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