What’s The Problem?


Smoking a problem? A propaganda campaign
Driving a problem? More of the same
People a problem? Couldn’t care less
Health a problem? There’s the NHS?
Opposition Dons; Miliband and Balls
Out of touch; doing f all!
Welcome to England; yes you! Come on over
No passport or papers? Rolling in clover.

Overcrowding a problem? We’ll give you a house.
Money a problem? We’ll finance your spouse.
Language a problem? We’ll send you to school.
Heating a problem? We’ll subsidise fuel.
New Labour the guardians of welfare and health
Paid for by you, through taxes of stealth
Out of touch, or a racist, if you complain
Nothing comes in the way of political gain!

A vote for Labour, pull out the hankies
You’ll be ruled by one of the ‘Crankies’.
Paying off Scotland’s national debt
Whilst becoming part of the ‘benefit set’!
People all poorer, finances stretched
Paedo’s on Facebook, children leched.
Vote for labour, it’ll end in tears
Turning the clock back five long years!


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