Cast Not The First Stone!


The press are having a field day
Nigel’s beginning to writhe
Because of the stupid ex Tory
Standing for Folkestone & Hythe.
Acting quickly, he axed her.
Took away the Party accord
The police are asking her questions
As she’s suspected of fraud.

Now Cameron’s spitting feathers
Details are coming forth
About his prospective candidate
Standing in Dudley North.
The EDL and a mega-Mosque
You might call it a double sin
Have got the man suspended
No more Afzal Amin!

Miliband, despite his assertions
That Labour are scandal free
Removed Councillor Vi Dempster
From the Council in Leicester City.
Children’s services was her remit
The predators, Asian men
Hundreds of Children in danger
Because ‘racism’ came before them!

Clegg, oh dear what a shambles,
His Party is in disarray.
From MP’s going to prison
To donors having to pay.
The Lib Dems don’t seem to get it
They think they’re a major force
Constantly in denial
That the Party has run its course!

So, cast not the first stone in anger
Make sure that your conscience is clear
Lest someone else is digging
The dirt to make you pay dear!
There’s a long road ahead for UKIP
Be brave, be strong, be bold
And cast not the first stone in anger
Revenge is a dish best served cold!


One thought on “Cast Not The First Stone!

  1. Darren Scanlon March 22, 2015 / 2:28 am

    A brilliant take on the wonderful world of British politics! Most entertaining and enlightening!


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