Cameron must be using my blog, RantaBlog, as a reference for his speeches. In his latest speech to television he made reference to the topic I wrote about in my last blog. I highlighted the possible scenario should Labour win the next general election.                            I foresaw that Ed Miliband would probably only be able to form the next government with the help of the Scottish Nationalist party.

Call me Dave is conducting his election campaign like a one-eyed man with conjunctivitis. He seems to believe that his headmaster like approach endears him to the British electorate, he is wrong. Given that his coalition partner, Nick Clegg, reneged on Boundary changes it is fair to say that Cameron has a steep hill to climb. However with the polls so close it is still possible for him to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
His big problem is his absolute arrogance. His self belief would be admirable were it not for the fact that he is often delusional in that belief. The other parties in the race for the Palace of Westminster all seem to be basing their campaigns around anti austerity. It is true that the Tories have come down hard on public spending. However, after the debacle of 13 years under a Labour Government, a Government which virtually bankrupt the country, drastic measures had to be taken.

The Tory problem is that they gave Iain Duncan Smith free rein over welfare and George Osborne free license to direct economy. One cannot argue that the economy is on the up however there is an argument to say that some cuts were too severe and too soon. One of the basic requirements for getting voters to put their X in your box is to get them to like you, your policies and, more importantly, to trust you to serve another full term in office. No one trusts Iain Duncan Smith, at best the majority of the electorate believe that he is a nasty little man Hell bent on destroying the Welfare State.
Many old age pensioners living this country rely on welfare benefits to live. They were promised throughout their lives that if they worked hard, saved for the future and spent their money wisely then the State would care for them in their old-age should it prove necessary. Both Labour and Tory are guilty of reneging on this promise. Labours ‘iron’ Chancellor, Gordon Brown, was especially guilty as it was he who raided the pension pots of millions of hard-working British people. Now we have Duncan Smith making people work longer for less whilst at the same time ensuring that when they do retire, pensions are capped.

Crackpot ideas designed to win votes on May seventh should be seen for what they are, gimmicks! Modern-day politicians are treating the British public with disdain, false promises given to secure their own jobs cause hardship for millions of people. It is not a game and the sooner they realise this the better. This is why newer parties such as UKIP are coming to the fore.
UKIP call themselves the common sense party and it is easy to see why. People do not want complications they want simple solutions to simple problems. The UK Independence Party get a lot of bad publicity because they tell it as it is. They put the people of Britain first, something that is anathema to present-day politicians.

The message is simple, if you want to be ruled by Scotland, if you want no electricity on a cloudless, wind-less day, if you want no practical armed Forces, if you want to lose the £, then waste your vote on on the Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Democrat Party, the loony Greens or any of the Parties affiliated to them. However if you want Great Britain to stay just that, Great and, United. Then there is only one party to vote for and that is UK Independence Party


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