The Scottish Question

In typical Trotsky fashion, despite the majority of Scots voting against it, the SNP is determined to break-up the United Kingdom. Scotland must wake up to this insidious threat before it is too late.

The people of Scotland have been duped by promises of riches for all with independence thrown in. The reserves of oil in the North sea are by no means finite nor, can Scotland legitimately lay claim to all of the oil fields off its East coast. Recent fluctuations in the price of oil have also shown just how precarious the Scottish economy would be if it relied on oil to sustain it.
Nicola Sturgeon is a communist by any other name and communism relies on power fed by weakness. Miliband, Clegg and Cameron have all shown just how weak they are in the face of SNP demands and are fuelling Sturgeon’s new campaign for Scottish autonomy.
Taigh an Ròid, (Holyrood) receives £billions in subsidies from the UK Exchequer and one has to ask, given the vast Public Sector in Scotland, why are Scottish people so poor? The answer is, because it suits the SNP to keep them poor, it suits the SNP to have the Scottish people reliant on the State . Well-to-do people rarely vote for a Socialist Party except when they are duped into the belief that by doing so they will be helping them to get the poor out of the poverty trap. Little do they realise that by doing so they are signing up to a life of poverty themselves.

There was a paper published prior to the Referendum detailing the benefits and disadvantages to both Scotland and the UK should the vote be for full independence or, to stay in the Union. This link will give you access to that document:
Given the amount of time allowed for the lead-up to the Referendum and all of the patriotic rhetoric espoused by Salmond and Sturgeon, does anyone ever remember either of them quoting this document or indeed telling the good people of Scotland where to access it? I cannot recall Gordon Brown or his predecessor Alistair Darling mentioning it either.

The relevance of the facts written out in the pages of, “Scotland – analysis, business and microeconomic framework” has long been lost by the SNP. The Tories, knowing failure when they see it have pulled well away from anything Scottish in fear of alarming what few voters they do have North of the border. Strangely, or perhaps it is not so strange, the Labour Party seem to have accepted defeat, instead they are relying on the SNP to back them should there be the expected ‘hung Parliament’ after May 7th.
It is a typical cowardly act on behalf of Labour, any other Party which stood to potentially loose 50 seats would be fighting tooth and nail against those who stand to gain. Take the Labour Party stance against UKIP, it is both vigorous and vitriolic. No Labour MP or supporter worth his or her salt can wait to denigrate UKIP. They have organised gangs ripping down UKIP posters and burning UKIP Advertising boards; here the irony is that Labour do not stand to lose anywhere near 50 seats to UKIP. Have they done the same in Scotland? No!!!
Up there they face a Socialist Party of the old-school. Thugs, fuelled on booze and lies, and brainwashed with nationalistic waffle by the Party hierarchy, patrol the streets to ensure that the Party line endures. Labour are running scared North of the border and this does not bode well for those of us south of the divide should they form the next government.

The message is clear, a vote for Labour is a vote for Scottish nationalism. The very Scottish nationalism that the good people of Scotland voted against in 2014. Do not let the SNP in through the back door by allowing weak Miliband to form the next government. Cameron is just as weak, he should not have allowed a referendum in the first place. World history has shown the folly of this action in many countries. Then, name me a politician of any mainstream Party who has taken note of history.
A vote for the Conservative Party will be a wasted vote because Cameron cannot be trusted on anything, he and the Tories are fully focussed on just one thing, the economy. You need to vote for a Party which can see all of the problems with this country, a Party which has no problem with multi-tasking. So far only one Party has emerged which can do this and that Party is the UK Independence Party. The Scottish Nationalists are scared to death of UKIP which is why the thugs are deployed at the mere mention of it. Labour, as I have stated, are also running scared and so they should be.

Only UKIP would give the Scottish people their fishing industry back, only UKIP would give the poor in Scotland an even break and they would do this by employing less government and put more power locally into the peoples hands. Only UKIP genuinely cares about the NHS and would ensure that it is free at the point of entry.
A vote for UKIP would break up the old cabal of Tory and Labour and give a much needed breath of fresh air to British politics.
Nationalism is fine but better within the confines of a United Kingdom. There is only one Party which truly believes in a united Great Britain and the clue is in its name: The UK Independence Party!


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