“Six top UKIP candidates have links to racist groups.” Screams the Mail on Sunday.
“Party launches probe after BNP cartoon stereotyping minorities is posted online”, it adds.
For Goodness sake! Stop bloody apologising, grow a pair, get on the front foot and start fighting back.
UKIP was founded because of the debacle that is the EU behemoth. British people strong minded enough to stand up for their fellow Britons and saying enough is enough, lets get out of this ridiculous cabal. Have the people at UKIP HQ forgotten why this Party formed? Have they forgotten that racism and homophobia is a two-way street? Have they forgotten that UKIP was formed to stand up for the Rights of the British people and not the for the Rights of those who want to destroy our society? Have they forgotten, when looking at that cartoon, the sight of innocent journalists and aid workers being beheaded because they do not follow a certain type of Islam?

Yes, the cartoon is provocative as too the posts forwarded and not something that I would have retweeted or forwarded but are they anymore provocative than the cartoons produced by Charlie Hebdo? The very same genre of cartoon that the media thought OK? The difference here is that it isn’t Moslem Jihadists who are clamouring for blood because of it, it is members of the media fraternity, the very same hypocritical fraternity who cried out en masse at the loss of journalistic freedoms not too long ago.
A message to the senior officials running the UK Independence Party, I read today that UKIP claims of bias by media are daily and almost scandalously obvious. This is a fact but instead of moaning about it, start fighting back. Start backing your own people before they get so disillusioned by your negative attitude towards them that they start leaving in their droves. All candidates, whether they be local candidates or Parliamentary candidates have been, we are told, vigorously vetted by the Party. That being the case, stand by them! They have shown their faith in you by giving up their precious time, money and in some cases resources . Start showing a little faith in them for a change!

Nigel Farage is, admittedly, a strong and charismatic leader and an inspiration to Party members. However, it is not just the British people whom he has to win over it is members of our own glorious Party who feel mightily let down by the princelings in Newton Abbott and who are fed up that they have to tiptoe everywhere lest they incur the wrath of the Press and the Party hierarchy. A statement of support from him would go a long way to steady the nerves of the grass roots and might encourage those who are thinking of either joining or supporting UKIP to do so.
So get a bloody grip down in Devon, start fighting fire with fire, there are probably more homophobes and racists in the Labour and Tory Party than there ever was in UKIP, considerably more now, I would guess, because UKIP actually kicks that sort of person out!
Start naming and shaming instead of apologising and you might get a bit more respect from the public, more importantly; you will definitely get more respect from your own members!


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