The MP forWalsall North, David Winnick, has stated that people who do not vote should be fined. He suggests that people who not to vote should have to notify council elections officers in advance or turn up to the polling station to state they do not want to vote for any candidate.

He would like to see a system similar to that used in Australia where non-voters face fines of up to £30:00

All very noble especially in this age of voter apathy. However, I would remind Mr Winnick that it was his own ludicrous Labour Party which fostered voter apathy for their own political gain. The very same Party which promoted the EU decision for open borders and free movement of people across the EU, frequently lying about the numbers coming into the country and the effect said numbers would have on local services. I will go further by pointing out that the Left were so keen for this policy of overpopulation that anyone who dared speak out was quickly labelled as being racist, homophobic or worse. Many people lost their jobs or livelihoods because they dared to disagree with government policy on these issues. It was a disgrace then and still is today for anyone to be castigated for telling the truth.
I digress!
Returning to my second paragraph and, typical of the way Labour Party members think, Mr Winnick believes that those who do not vote should be fined. I find this assertion to be totally abhorrent and vehemently disagree with his way of thinking. The cranial, rectal obstruction suffered by these politicians, be they on the Left or Right, is astounding. Why would anyone vote for someone who lies to them, treats them with utter contempt, refuses to take responsibility for their actions and who deliberately forgets whom serves whom? Surely, fining someone for not voting is to take away their Right of choice, a basic Freedom allowed under the Magna Carta!

If we had a system of proportional representation, instead of the grossly unfair ‘first-past-the-post’ system, whereby boundaries can be tweaked to suit whichever Party is in power, a system with more candidates to choose from plus a box stating “non of the above” on the ballot paper perhaps then we could, under exceptional circumstances, consider asking people to explain why they did not vote.
Don’t hold your breath. I cannot see either Labour or the Tories changing a system which suits them better than the alternative.

However, there is a solution to this and one which Mr Winnick may find abhorrent, that is to vote UKIP. By doing so you not only avoid the possibility of fines being imposed by a future Labour government you also sow the seeds for real change, one of those changes being the implementation of proportional representation. Of course, another benefit would be to get rid of the two-Party system which has seen this country go from ‘boom to bust’ in successive decades.
Real change comes at a price and can be a frightening prospect but nothing good ever comes easy. History tells us that, done properly, change is a slow process but something well worth waiting for. Then again you could cower away from change, put up with Mr Winnick’s proposed fines (if they ever come to fruition), absorb the lies and duplicity of the Left and Right and sink into a cosy state of abject apathy!


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