Is ‘celebrity’ dependent on perversion? Events over the past two years would seem to lend credence to this argument. It would also explain why politicians and showbiz personalities are so close.
Although, if I was in showbiz, I would be very wary of making an alliance with any of the despots who now haunt the corridors of Westminster. They are ever eager to use anyone, friend or foe, as a sacrificial lamb if it means saving their miserable skins and political careers.

Take the debacle over the documents given to Sir Leon Brittan by Geoffrey Dickens. This long-term denier was forced to admit that he did receive the documents concerning a wide scale paedophile scandal in Westminster and the “Greater Establishment” but, only after the government admitted the revelatory dossier had probably been destroyed.
At the very least, he should be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a paedophile ring or, obstructing the course of justice or, both! It beggars belief that these people are constantly getting away with such a disgusting criminal activity.
We are led to believe that the ‘dossier was destroyed because it could have brought down the government of the day. SO WHAT!?
The Palace of Westminster is fast becoming the modern-day equivalent of the “Hell Fire Club”!

Rolf Harris (The dodderydooer from Oz), was sentenced to two years and ten months inside for doing irreparable damage to countless young lives. I wonder what tales he could tell, after all he rubbed shoulders with the Aristocracy, government figures and was probably a member of, “perverts anonymous.”
He will, of course, remain quiet because the government have the ultimate in ‘bully-boys’, namely MI5!
He will now join fellow pervert, Stuart Hall, another insidious specimen who, like the equally foul Max Clifford, preferred to drag his accusers through Hell rather than admit his vile crimes.
No doubt they will soon be joined by such dignitaries as, Dave Lee Travis, and Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter). Travis seems to have got away with it for the moment but is still arrogant in his condemnation of his victims.
I am all for locking these criminals away, they all deserve it. However, when known perverts are still roaming the corridors of power with complete impunity, there is something drastically wrong with our System!
Must we wait until these people are dead before the true nature of their crimes is laid bare? It is inconceivable that the likes of Saville, Smith and other high profile molesters were not high on someones radar. We know that Cyril Smith was brought in for questioning on several occassions, as was Jimmy Saville, only for the charges to be dropped and all records destroyed.
This cannot go on, someone has got to come to the fore to denounce these people. They must not be allowed to hide behind privilege, celebrity or position. The disgusting nature of the crimes aside, how can anyone possibly trust a politician who stoops that low and then goes to extraordinary lengths to cover his / her crimes?

Yvette Cooper has already jumped onto the bandwagon concerning the loss of the dossier handed to Leon Brittan. What a hypocrite! She sits on the Opposition Benches next to one of the biggest supporters of paedophilia and yet not once has she publicly criticised the woman known as the “Harperson”. It’s all smoke and mirrors with our elected elite.
Harman should not be allowed the position of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. Given her well documented past and the whitewash of an explanation for it, she should be thrown out of politics for good and then thoroughly investigated.
Cameron is always calling for “accountability” but shows a paucity of alacrity in achieving this goal. Accountability, though, we must have. For too long these evil people have been covering up for each other and it must stop. If it means a ‘snap’ General Election, then so be it. At least then some trust might be restored in the political system in this country.
It would certainly restore faith in the Criminal Justice system, which is fast becoming a joke!

Alas though, I fear that it is much too late for any politician or high ranking Civil Servant to be brought to justice. The Wanless enquiry was a political coup d’etat for the insidious perpetrators of crimes against children and to top it all we had Theresa May (or may not) telling the country that she has to report that there was no proof of a cover-up.
The ever fragrant Yvette Cooper got on her self-righteous soap box once again to denounce the coalition and the Tories in particular for the debacle which was to unfold. I seem to remember that the Labour Benches have been, until recently, suspiciously quiet about the whole sorry affair.
We may never know the full extent of the crimes against children during that particular period or, the crimes still being perpetrated against young girls and boys by Asian grooming gangs. Suffice to say, there are at least 1400 areas of proof! If it is the case that evidence has been destroyed then I say to the police, go out and get new evidence! It is what we, the taxpayer, employ and pay you for.


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