The great Scottish debate, what a farce, what a fraud! Passions are running high on both sides of the border fuelled by political fervour on one side and political indifference on the other. This has got to be one of the finest examples of Cameronesque folly ever to be laid upon the doorsteps of the British public.

History will show that the most significant, single event of the twenty-first century in modern Britain which highlighted to all of the World the absolute incompetence of the smug incumbents of the Palace of Westminster is this farce now being played out in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland.
This ill-thought out referendum, handed to a gob-smacked Alex Salmond by a snake-oil salesman posing as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has done more to undermine the credibility of Great Britain on the World stage than any other act before it. When New Labour devolved Scotland and set up a Scottish Parliament it was an open invitation for the people of Scotland to abandon Labour and queue to join the SNP. Yes, we can blame insidious Labour for their obsession with regional government, you can almost hear the pieces of the EU Regions jigsaw falling into place, (ably assisted by Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg) and the subsequent handing over of powers to Northern Ireland and Wales. Each of which devolved area is heavily subsidised by the English taxpayer because no one thought it necessary to devolve powers to England and therefore give the English a say in their own destinies or, where their money goes.

There are fifty nine MPs in Westminster who represent the people of Scotland, amazingly only seven of these are members of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) and yet this minuscule of minorities, under the leadership of Alex Salmond, is set to wreak havoc with the make-up of the United Kingdom.
The clamour for an independent Scotland was always going to be on the cards given the scenario handed to them by Blair and in Alec Salmond the Scots found the ideal bully boy to push it through. The only person blind to this was Cameron. In Cameron’s World (population 1), the mainly Labour supporting Scots would never fall for the sales pitch of the SNP and therefore it would be risk free to give them the referendum that the (then) minority clamoured for. The biggest folly of all was to allow Salmond to dictate the terms of the referendum. It’s a bit like a High Court Judge asking a convicted criminal to choose his own sentence, prison or freedom.

You can understand why I called this whole process a farce because we are now in the embarrassing situation whereby the Government of the day has been reduced to offering bribes to the people of Scotland in order to sway their decision when they go to the ballot box. Bribes that we as English taxpayers will have to pay for.
Cameron and Miliband find that they are having to fight for their political futures and so they should be. The levels of incompetence shown by these two just beggars belief. On the one hand we have a Prime Minister who, by his ill-thought actions, has virtually guaranteed Scotland its Independence and on the other we have Miliband, a door-mat for the Union Barons and a poodle for the EU. Miliband should have secured the ‘No’ vote, he has thirty nine Labour MPs hailing from Scotland. Unfortunately they have proved to be as out of touch with their electorate and as useless as their leader.
Next year we have a General Election, a date set in stone by Cameron and Clegg. Yet another Cameronesque folly; he needs to get the Act that he and Clegg pushed through Parliament to set the future dates for GEs repealed and fast! Should Scotland get Independence later this month, we are told that it will take around two years to sort everything out which means that the English, Welsh and Northern Irish face the daunting prospect of having Miliband as Prime Minister during that period. Two years in which to spend like no tomorrow, force through legislation to ensure that his motley band of followers secure a full term in office and two years in which to screw with the Electoral process, two years to give what is left of Britain to the EU and two years which will see entrepreneurs flee the country in droves along with the rich and the top corporations. In short, two years in which Labour will complete the task, started by Blair, of completely destroying the UK.

Yes Mr Cameron, at least you were right on one thing; “effing Tories!”

3 thoughts on “WHAT A FARCE!

  1. BlackHat September 10, 2014 / 6:09 pm

    Brilliant butt.

    And you’re right! Labour’s jejune policy of “devolution” for Wales, and Scotland etc. was bound to lead to calls for separation.

    What the worst thing is, is that they’ve achieved what they wanted to: the political elite have split Britain down the middle. No Scotland in the Union will do as damage: damage on a grand scale,a a it’ll show,the world we can’t even control our own country; let alone help in another.

    Losing Scotland would be like a model forgetting herknickers on the red carpet: embarrassing, a lack of control, and, whilst exciting at first, you soon realise those knickers serve a purpose. As does Scotland

    Good blog butt


    • BlackHat September 10, 2014 / 7:11 pm



  2. DARTHERINO September 10, 2014 / 7:04 pm

    Another clear and succinct piece mate! Nicely done.


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