Oft debated on TV and radio are basic rights, an individuals ‘right’ to do or say, x, y or z. The LibDems are famously vociferous in this area, forever banging on about Human Rights and how they must be protected at all costs. Indeed, it is this ‘watchdog of the senses’ which recently prevented Cameron from introducing the most Draconian of laws concerning the return of Islamic terrorists to this country after their stint of rape, murder and pillage in Arab lands.
The same LibDems, who support a European Union which passes laws that fly in the face of Human Rights. This is also true of insidious Labour and the useless Tories, both of whom want to keep the British people shackled to a system which will strip them of not just their ‘rights’ but of their dignity and of their very way of life!

In little over eight weeks this government will opt fully into the European Arrest Warrant, something which has been around since 2004. However, this year, with the usual scant regard for British public opinion, another 34 legal schemes; cooked up in a myriad of offices in Brussels and Strasbourg will further stymie what little freedoms you and I enjoy. Remember this the next time Cameron tells you that he is going to seek EU reform and grasp back powers from Brussels. It will not happen! In fact, it cannot happen because the EU lawmakers have entrenched their diktats in concrete and neither Cameron nor, any genuine reformer, will be able to do anything about it whilst Britain remains in the EU.
Incidentally, as Diane James recently pointed out, “when it was introduced, we were told that the EAW was for terrorist offences, rape, murder, drug dealing and the like.”

Certainly not for the purpose of pursuing and persecuting a mother and father for putting the health and well-being of their dangerously ill child first!

Whatever the outcome of this sad episode, you can bet that there will be no apology from the British government for Mr & Mrs King. Neither, it seems, will there be an apology to the victims of the Moslem sex gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford or any other town that they operated in or still operate in.
Labour forced diversity upon the British people, they relaxed border controls, and turned a blind eye to illegal immigration. During the summer of 2001 riots broke out in several Northern cities and towns, notably Oldham, Bradford, Leeds and Burnley. The rioting was short but intense and involved mainly white and Asian youths. However, they were to be the root cause of the despicable cover-up that followed concerning the rape, torture and trafficking of young girls by Moslem gangs.

With an astonishing disregard for the well-being and safety of the young girls involved; and sometimes young boys, the Labour Party, fearing a back-lash from the Moslem community, ordered that any inquiry into allegations of sex trafficking of young girls and boys be hidden. They might just as well have slapped a ‘D’ Notice on it! We then had Ministers using words such as racism and homophobia against anyone who dared to suggest that anyone belonging to the black or Asian people community could do wrong.
This policy of projected blame only served to promote ill-feeling between communities and fostered racial tension even more. If ever a Party was the cause of racism it was the Labour Party!
Ex Labour Ministers are falling over themselves on an oily slick of denial, all blaming someone else or another Department or the Police for their paucity of action when these young people were being so disgustingly treated by those Moslem men and mentally scarred for life. Unsurprisingly, high flyers like Blunkett and Straw claim to have known nothing about any of it, so cocooned were they in their respective Westminster ivory towers.

The buck has to stop somewhere but it won’t! Instead it will be passed like some baton at an athletics meeting from inquiry to inquiry. Some of which will be Chaired by that bastion of the truth, the  Labour Member of Parliament from Leicester, Mr Keith Vaz. So, impartiality guaranteed.
It is another great example of Big Brother in action. Hide the truth, dish out platitudes, call for an inquiry but, above all, do not accept any blame. After all, lessons will have been learned!
The Labour Party have suspended Councillors in Rotherham from the Party, whoopee! We don’t need suspensions, we need prosecutions! Anyone involved in trafficking those children, raping those children, abusing those children, enslaving those children, covering up the lack of care for those children, failing to investigate the crimes against those children should all be prosecuted. No leaf or stone should be left unturned nor, should it be good enough that people involved in Child Services should just lose their jobs, they are as culpable as the rapists because they allowed the abuse to go on!

The State knows best. Obviously not and it is about time that it butted out of the everyday affairs of law abiding British people. Vile crimes such as happened in Rotherham and which are still going on in towns and cities across the country, could have and should have been thoroughly investigated by the police and the perpetrators bought to book. Instead, because of government and EU interference we have let our children down badly. How many times over the past five years have Social Services been caught short when it comes to protecting the young people whom they are paid out of the Public Purse to protect? Too many is the answer and I put the blame firmly with government.
In a Democracy there is never an excuse for Big Brother tactics because that is exactly what will destroy Democracy and people should wake up to the fact. When a government stops listening to the people and so far in this country we have had successive governments which are guilty of this, the people should really start thinking about a serious change in the way the country is governed.
Labour, Tory and LibDem have all failed the people of this country, worse they have expected the people to just go along with their self-serving ways regardless of cost to the sick, infirm, families or children. I don’t know whether it is the arrogance of Empire or the arrogance instilled through the Public School system which has made our successive governments feel the need to rule by fear. The most disturbing aspect of this is that we, the great British public, allow them to do it with very little protest.
It really is time for Big Brother to butt out and for a new, people friendly regime to take the reins.


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