Think that you live in a Democracy? Think again!

This country is rapidly turning into a full-blown autocracy. It started under Margaret Thatcher, was honed by Blair and has been finessed under the Coalition. Anyone who believes that the brain-dead Miliband, should he get the keys to No 10, will reverse this are living in cloud cuckoo land.

The unmitigated disaster that is the European Union is but one example of Big Government in this country. A majority of the public have voiced their distrust in this union for many years only to be ignored by the “suits” in Whitehall. Yes, we have been promised a referendum if Dim Dave gets voted back into No 10 but his chances, according to whichever opinion poll you fancy reading, are slim to zero on that one. Even if a miracle does happen and Cameron gets re-elected there is no guarantee that he will keep his word. By 2017 it will be too late anyway! (Think QMV)

Transport; we have been told that if we want a better rail system then we will have to pay for it through higher fares. Hang on a minute, who ran the railways into the ground? Who used the railways as a political pawn? Who is trying to force us to have an expensive high speed rail system that no one wants? I think the answer to all of those questions lies in the Department for Transport. (Think, Dim Dave).
What about the road system, another area where the public are being ripped off. We are told by the government that because of abnormal winters and unexpected heavy transport our roads cannot cope and that to repair them is too expensive. Their answer is to “prioritise”, a government euphemism for ignoring the problem. It isn’t that they do not get enough revenue from the taxpayer. Road tax is spectacularly expensive if you want to buy a vehicle of your choice. Diesel engines, the love of the Labour luvvies and the idiot Greens, have been found to be toxic. Something that anyone with a modicum of engineering knowledge has known for years. Do the Government say, ‘sorry we made a mistake’? No, they penalise anyone foolish enough to own a diesel engined vehicle.
It is probably the cynic in me but I can’t help thinking that all this is to make way for the driverless cars which we can expect to see within the next few years. How better to control the migrating habits of the public than by putting them into State-funded automobiles which stop and start at the whim of some pre-programmed computer, hidden in a government run office somewhere in London!

Every aspect of our lives is being controlled by government or, at the very least, interfered with by government. Take literature for example, Big Brother has now decided that because 25% of young children are of an ethnic background books must be found for them to read which reflects this. In other words, there are not enough black or Asian characters in children’s literature.
Surely, ethnic communities have their own folk heroes? Why must we constantly have “diversity” rammed down our throats? I remember reading to my Grandson from a book full of Red Indian folk stories. We both found them fascinating and most enjoyable. The book was readily available in my local library, so too books by Kipling who often used Asian children as central characters in his works, again most enjoyable and informative.
We don’t need “diversity” we don’t need to be told what to write as authors or, what to read as parents or Grandparents. We need to allow children to enjoy literature and not make them read books based on the quota of black and ethnic characters contained within them! We need the government to butt out!

Finally, what I really don’t need is “Big Brother Dave” running my life from a body board somewhere off the coast of Cornwall!