As a fully paid-up member of “The Peoples Army”, it never occurs to me to question why I joined. On the other hand, I have often wondered; some might say, quite arrogantly, why haven’t more people done the same as me? So today I addressed the question and, after much soul-searching and retracing of steps, I have come to the same conclusion that led me to join UKIP in the first instance. If anything, I am even more confident now that I made the correct decision.

The politicians from the ‘Mainstream’ love to give forth with figures and statistics, henceforth known as, ‘Umunnas’ which you can bet have been cleverly massaged, to suit their particular argument. They stand or sit in front of the cameras pontificating about a percentage point here or a percentage point there. At all times giving the impression that they are experts in the field of whatever waffle they are coming out with, when the reality is that they are either reading from ‘cue-cards’ or have learned their little piece on facts and figures by rote.
The bottom line is, the average person in the street couldn’t care less about, ‘GDP’, ‘GVA’, ‘LEC’s, ‘GOR’s or any other acronym for a system, data stream or organisation that these idiots seem to believe that we all have knowledge of. Most of us don’t even know what they are talking about and, even if we did know what the acronym’s stand for, the majority of us do not understand the principle behind them.

No, what the average person is concerned about is what is left in their pocket at the end of every week/month after they have paid the utility bills, nursery fees, mortgage or rent, done the shopping, etc, etc.
‘Where?’ I hear you ask, does UKIP fit into this and what has it got to do with you joining?

To answer that, you have to delve deeper into the psyche of the Labour Party, The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. In a ‘nutshell’ the three Parties all crave power for power’s sake and, nowadays, are all much the same.
At it’s core, the Labour Party still purports to represent the ‘working class’. Which it blatantly does not, evidenced when you ask any Labour politician to define said term, “Working Class.” They cannot and the reason for this is because the UK no longer has a defined working class. What we do have is a culture of ‘have and have-nots’. A concept started by Margaret Thatcher, perpetuated by Tony Blair and polished by David Cameron, with the gap between the have’s and the have nots widening on a daily basis.
The Tories would have you believe that they stand for democracy, the rule of Law and a fair system for each and everyone of us. Again, blatantly untrue! What you have is a bunch of millionaires ensuring that aspiring millionaires will not become millionaires by making the cost of such aspirations prohibitive. The net result of this exercise is that we now have a burgeoning ‘Middle Class’ who pay for the poor and prop up the millionaires.
The Liberal Democrats are somewhere in-between, flitting from one side to the other, desperate for recognition and ever willing to sell their souls for any kind of life-line.

What the three Parties have in common is a desire to see this country assimilated into a behemoth of a European Federation. The concept of democracy, the right to make your own Laws, the right to self government, being anathema to all of them! The country is weakening under the burden of greed, cynicism and gross stupidity and we are letting it happen.
This, is where UKIP fits into the equation, it is this flagrant abuse of the wishes of the majority of the people of this country that convinced me to look for an alternative to the destructive policies of the Labour Party, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.
UKIP isn’t a protest group, it is a serious political movement which is growing in popularity. This is because of its no-nonsense approach to the everyday concerns of the British people.

When necessary UKIP can bandy facts and figures about with the best of them. Take for example the cost of the UK’s membership to the EU. By pulling out of that club we will save the British taxpayer £55m per day. ‘Hang on’, I hear you say. ‘We get some of that back!’ Very true but it’s your money in the first place. It would be a bit like Dick Turpin holding you up and then giving you back some of what he had taken in the hope that, should he be caught, he would get a lighter sentence!
We would also save the taxpayer a further £23m a day by curbing the ridiculous concept of Foreign Aid. I refer to it as ‘ridiculous’ because of the way it is distributed and to whom. Despite what we are told by Cameron, there are no real checks on where the money actually goes when it is given in aid to the countries in receipt. In the poorer countries most of it goes into the bank accounts of the despot rulers and their cohorts. In the richer countries, countries with faster growing economies than the UK’s, it feeds their nuclear programmes and, certainly in the case of India, their space programme.
To put this ridiculous trait into context, the National Debt last year was in the region of £1.4 trillion which means that the governments interest payments on that amounted to £50,000,000,000. Therefore, nearly £1 in every £7 that the government spends is now borrowed and yet Cameron still insists on giving away £23 million each day to countries who mis-use it or do not need it; it is ludicrous!

I want to live in a country where my politicians are truthful, responsible and answerable to me and the rest of the electorate. It doesn’t need to be a Utopian Society for that to happen. I want a Health Service which is staffed by a majority of clinicians instead of a majority of bureaucrats. I want a road and rail system that is geared to the needs of the people and industry of this country not to the whims of some faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. I want to feel safe in my own home, feel safe when out on the street, feel safe when socialising. In short, I want to know that the police are looking after my interests, are out patrolling and not preoccupied with the filling out of endless forms. I want a fair tax system, proper provision for the old and infirm, a pension system that isn’t going to be raided by government. Above all, I want some honesty and common sense put back into Westminster.

The only Party willing to do this for me is UKIP. They stand alone against the mainstream, seemingly the only ones who actually see the ‘bigger picture’.








One thought on “THE PEOPLE’S ARMY

  1. James Coghlan July 19, 2014 / 12:12 am

    Nigel and the rest of them seem to be making more and more friends by showing the inequality prevalent in certain policies.


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