Though the title is not grammatically correct, we do have a questionable situation in this country, whereby the leaders of the three, so called, main political parties are all ignoring the will of the majority of the electorate concerning the EU.

Miliband and Clegg are all for staying within a European Union which is blatantly corrupt and self-serving. Cameron appears to be too much of a coward to throw his weight behind either camp, preferring instead to sit on the fence pontificating about renegotiation and the merits of the EU without being outwardly forthright or, convincing with his arguments. He is like a ‘snake-oil’ salesman at a mid-summer fete.

Is it any wonder then, that he lost his fight against the appointment of Jean-Claude Junckers. This man will now take over from Barosso, another over-paid bureaucrat, and one who is as stoically anti- Britain as Junckers.
Cameron’s forehead is too small to have the word, “gullible”, tattooed across it so may I suggest something much smaller and more to the point. Something like “Prat”, or other four letter expletive. I mention this because he allowed himself to be completely side-swiped by Frau Merkel. He has yet to realise that she is the real boss of Europe and that if any change is to be implemented within the European Union, it will only happen if she deigns to sanction it!
Not surprisingly the Tory faithful are claiming this debacle as a resounding victory, citing the seven point lead that the ‘out of Europe’ camp now enjoys as a direct result of Cameron’s betrayal by Merkel. What Planet are these people on? The seven point lead is not because of anything that Cameron did or because of his proclaimed “principles”. More, it is because at last the people of this country are realising just how much disdain the other countries in the EU regard Britain with!
Then again, one could argue; who can blame them in Europe when the only Party in the UK not sending out mixed messages with regard to our continued participation with this cess-pit of corruption and moral servitude is UKIP? The only Party with an unwavering message to the EU, the only Party brave enough to stand up to the Establishment no matter what lies and propaganda is thrown at it. The true Party of the people of Great Britain and one in which people can put their trust because UKIP have stated from day one that their aim is to get this country out of the EU with the wider aim of breaking up this Federal behemoth for good.

Is it any wonder then that Nigel Farage wiped the floor with Nick Clegg during the televised debates earlier this year and in doing so boosted UKIP’s appeal? Clegg is a raving Federalist and appeaser who let slip his mask of Britishness, proved that he is a rather bad liar and, when up against someone who actually knows what he is talking about, a complete loser!
The Liberal Democrats, apart from throwing their weight behind an even greater EU, have been ominously quiet of late. No doubt still smarting from the routing handed to them by the electorate during the May 2014 local and European Elections. One would have expected Clegg, as the Deputy Prime Minister, to have supported Cameron in his opposition to the appointment of Junckers as President of the European Commission. As far as I am aware, there was no support either privately or publicly. He left his Coalition partner to hang out to dry!
This seedy, insignificant excuse for a politician has at last realised that the task of Government is much too big for him. It is a pity that he didn’t come to this conclusion two or more years ago, perhaps the British people would then have been saved from a great deal of harm.

Whilst on the subject of harm, what of Ed Miliband? Today at PMQs, flanked by the stony-faced PIE supporter and champion of pervert’s rights, Harriet Harman and the equally repulsive, Ed Balls; Miliband stood up and proceeded to attempt to take chunks out of Cameron. Oh dear! Resembling Michael Foot in a Saville Row suit, he carried out his pre-prepared tirade, only taking his eyes from his script when he reached the last word on the last line.
I know that Labour is renowned for weak memory but surely they can find someone who can at least learn a few lines and then deliver them in a manner befitting a real political leader?
If memory serves, he accused Cameron of being a ‘failed Prime Minister’, a position I doubt Miliband will ever find himself in because I cannot believe that the Electorate would want Labour as the party governing this country let alone that clueless goon as its Prime Minister!

The three of them, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have proved just how bad politics has become in this country. Bad, from the point of view that nothing is debated anymore. Most of our rules and regulations are made by faceless unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. Parliament is basically defunct, the people’s representatives are that in name only; for the reason given in the previous sentence. The House of Commons has become a place of verbal squabbling instead of a place of verbal jousting.
Like generations of my family, I fought for my country (our country!) and I am ashamed at what it has become. Even more ashamed that I did nothing about it! I stood idly by as Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and now Cameron gave chunks of it away to Europe. I watched as town and city centres died because of out-of-town shopping centres. I turned a blind eye to cheap labour flooding in from across the English Channel.
Then, I decided to do something about it, I joined UKIP. Doing so has restored my confidence, given me confidence to write a blog, given me confidence to march against the blatant wrongs being perpetrated against the people of this country.
Above all, it has given me the confidence to recognise hypocrisy and shout out against it.













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