Has anyone else noticed that since the European and Local Elections the , so called, three Main Parties have all started to cross dress? I don’t mean in an “Eddie Izzard”, sort of away. I’m thinking more of the trend to embrace “Purple”.

Labour’s Caroline Flint was at it earlier, talking about “common sense” and “sensible border controls”. Since when have Labour advocated either? Just to tweak the lady’s memory; it was your lot who did away with border controls under Commissar Blair. I’m also pretty sure that there was no sense, common or otherwise, coming from the Labour benches when they were in power!
Even good old, ‘Call Me Dave’ has supposedly seen the light where uncontrolled immigration from Europe is concerned. Reportedly, he has told Theresa may to look into tightening up UK Border controls and to make it much more difficult for EU immigrants to get into the UK.
Another big fail in two areas where this is concerned; first, purple doesn’t suit Dave (in some Tory eyes, neither does blue!) and second, QMV means that his role as decision maker for the British people is effectively paralysed. So, ‘look into it’ is about all Theresa May can do.

You have to give it to Cameron, he is a trier. He went all “UKIP” on Angela Merkel and reportedly said Britain could quit the EU if Jean-Claude Juncker is elected as president of the European Commission. “Go Dave!” Except we all know that she will have slapped his backside for talking out of turn and that by Monday he will have completely forgotten that he said that and will embrace Juncker with open arms.
‘Cross-dressing’ is all it is. A facade employed to dupe the public into believing that what you see is what you get! A strategy dreamed up in oak-panelled rooms designed to falsely show that these lying turncoats have listened to the Electorate and are willing to make the necessary changes. (the ‘sick bucket’ is still there!).
If Cameron really wanted to help or, had actually listened to the British people he wouldn’t just threaten to have an early referendum, he would implement one! Then again, if you take away the thin-lipped sneer and the Saville Row suit you are left with the biggest Europhile on the Front Benches.
I for one am not fooled in the slightest by this sudden change of tack by the bench polishers of Westminster. They are adept at feigning ignorance when it suits them, employing emotional blackmail when it suits them and completely obliterating the past when it suits them.

Two people who are not cross dressing at the moment are the alleged war criminal, Blair and failed actress, Anna Soubry, one of Cameron’s defence ministers.
Blair is anxious that his pro-European values, which he bequeathed to the nation, do not fade along with Miliband’s star. He still sees himself as the saviour of the political scene in the UK and his ego will not allow any truth or fact to diminish, what he sees as, his legacy.
Which is why he was spied meeting with Angela Merkel who he hopes will put him forward as the leader of the fight against Euroscepticism.
My suspicion is, that with no obvious successor to the out of depth Miliband, Blair is seeking a quick route back into British politics.

Soubry, on the other hand, is quite mad. She has two brain functions as far as I can tell; insult & off! In the ‘off’ mode she is like any other Tory politician, dull and repetitive however, when she is switched to ‘insult’ she is a nasty, viperous piece of work. Her latest piece, in answer to the question as to why Tory voters in her constituency voted for UKIP was to accuse them of being ‘racist’. A very clever ploy when you only have a majority of a few hundred.
She actually said and, I quote:
“People come to see in my surgery and say, ‘I’m really worried about immigration.’ I say, ‘really. why we don’t have a problem with immigrants.’
“When you explain all that to them they get it. Not all of it. Some people have prejudices, some people are frankly racist, but there are many who just don’t know the argument.”
Alongside ‘failed actress’, she can now add to her CV; failed MP, failed psychologists, excellent anti-social skills.

What Ms Soubry, Blair and the cross-dresser’s fail to understand is that UKIP is not arguing. We have simply taken up the cudgel for the British people and said: ‘This is not right, the people want change!’
No argument, no nastiness, no doublespeak, no threats. All we are asking, on behalf of the British people, is for our country to be given back. Our laws to be given back, our civil liberties to be given back, our right to self-government to be given back. Last but not least, we would like to stop paying £55 million a day in rent to the EU for the privilege of living in our own country!

So, if you are out and about in Newark over the next couple of days and you come across the Tory rent-a-crowd or the Labour Party faithful or, even, the two LibDems remaining ; just imagine the ladies in purple suits with rosettes dangling from their lapels and the men in purple dresses with ribbons in their hair.
I don’t suggest this as some sort of therapy against a phobia, more a reminder of just what a shower of hypocrites and charlatans UKIP are opposing and why we are the very best option for the good people of that constituency .
















2 thoughts on “CROSS DRESSING!

  1. jimbo7767 June 2, 2014 / 2:31 am

    hit nail on head again Phil spot on 10/10 sir


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