Miliband is “weird”, Cameron is “deaf & annoyed” and Clegg is a “liar”!

Not my words but the words used to describe the Coalition leaders and the leader of the Opposition in most of the Saturday newspapers. The May 24th editions contained metres of columns, all trying to unravel the mystery of the UKIP phenomenon.
Ever fearful of their own frailties they all grudgingly acknowledged that UKIP has a point. A very valid point and one which the great British public agree with. Also, a point which, by and large, the hacks in media-land have ridiculed. Now, however, it has become serious because if UKIP has any sort of power after the next General Election those same hacks who have slandered, ridiculed and derided UKIP and it’s members know that now they are on very thin ice indeed.

That great bastion of the truth, the Daily Mail, was even backtracking this morning. Suddenly no one there could understand why the politicians of the mainstream Parties had not taken Nigel Farage seriously in the run-up to the local elections. Suddenly they wanted to know why they, (the three leaders of those Parties) had not grasped the effect Nigel Farage has on the general public.
Last week they were reporting that “Farage had reached his nadir” and UKIP would be on the wane after the European elections. Not quoted ad verbatim, but close enough for the needs of this article.
“Hackville” has proved that hypocrisy is not confined to the corridors and meeting rooms of Westminster.

All parties are now rallying their troops, Sunday heralds the results of the European elections and spells another day of gloom for Cameron, Clegg and Miliband. The three of them are being urged by their own Party luminaries to change tack, which means in layman’s terms, to follow the lead of UKIP and address the real problems facing the British public. Problems caused by mass, uncontrolled immigration from Europe, zero hour contracts, the economy, in fact all problems caused by our membership of the EU.
Each leader, except perfidious Clegg, now wants to tackle immigration, reduce the red-tape which strangles SME’s, renegotiate our position within the EU.
None of which they can do, a message that Nigel Farage and his team have been telling the British Public for over two years. Finally, after years of being accused of “scaremongering”, and lying, people are beginning to realise that UKIP has been telling the truth from the very start.
Take the Bulgarian and Romanian immigration figures for example, records from the National Insurance data bank showed that the Government had grossly underestimated the number of people who came to the UK from these two countries. They had in fact lied, the true figures which were released on Thursday showed that the Government had marked down the number of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants by as much as 170%.

Lord Ashcroft has predicted that the Labour Party could take 83 seats from the Tories at the next General Election. Once again, UKIP are being dismissed as a “protest” vote. He says that his polls suggest that fifty percent of those who voted for UKIP in this years local elections will revert back to either Labour or the Conservatives next May. I would hope that “tribal voting” on that scale is now finished.
If the last round of local elections proved anything it was that people really have had enough of being patronised and lied to by ineffectual career politicians. If they haven’t, then it is down to UKIP members and UKIP voters to emphasise to the unconverted just what scheming liars those whom they intend to vote for really are.
All the tricks will be pulled out of the bag over the next ten or eleven months. promises will be made, formally aloof MPs will be glad-handing the public. Photo-calls will be as regular as the days in the week. The Bigoted Broadcasting Corporation will be pumping out propaganda like it has gone out of fashion.
All of it, LIES!

“UKIP have no MPs and do not control any councils”. How often have you heard that over the past twenty four hours? The former is true but the latter is open to interpretation. You do not necessarily have to have superior numbers in councillors in order to control a Council. What UKIP do have in the majority of Councils which now have UKIP Cabinet members is the controlling vote. It is this, more than anything else, which is scaring the pants off Council leaders throughout the country, little wonder that many of them want some form of pact with UKIP.
The one clear truth to come out of the local elections is this; despite the loons from within who tried and failed to discredit the Party, despite the lies and slurs thrown at Party members by the media and the political elite; where our detractors have used lies and innuendo, UKIP has used the truth as a weapon and has prevailed. Not only has the Party prevailed, the members have ridden the storm and come through with their heads held high.
The next eleven months will prove to be a crucial test for UKIP and one it must pass. Many lies will be debunked between now and next May. People will realise just how impotent this Government is when it comes to such issues as European immigration, human rights, the common agriculture policy, British fishing grounds, etc, etc. There will be many questions to which UKIP must have the answers to if they are to succeed in shaking up British politics for good.
Above all, tribalism must be recognised and defeated!










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