I have to thank my good buddy ‘Hornet’ for the inspiration to write this post.

On the 18th May 2014 I put out a post in defence of Nigel Farage,


Specifically highlighting the drubbing that was handed out by Mr James O’Brien, a presenter for LBC. It has been alleged that he claimed not to have done any research before the interview but anyone in “the know” and I include members of the press, television and radio news, realises that O’Brien was probably drip-fed his bile by Hope not Hate.

Mr Farage asked on several occassions whether O’Brien would ask the same questions of The Conservatives or Labour and was told of course, especially if they were found to be racist. I recall Mr Farage asking the same of Kay Burley when she interviewed him for Sky News.
In light of comments made by Cameron in the Daily Mail, 19 May 2014, in his strongest attack on UKIP since he took office, he says, and I quote:
“UKIP represented the ‘politics of anger’. Decent, hardworking people who were tempted to vote for the anti-European party should think again.”
“‘They are being found out, UKIP have condemned themselves during this campaign with a succession of pretty unpleasant remarks. The whole country has heard enough to know what sort of party it is.”

Can you imagine Ms Burley countering by asking David Cameron: “Would you care to comment on a statement made by one of your Conservative councillors in 2012? During a Spelthorne planning committee debate, Cabinet officer Gerry Forsbrey said.”
“I don’t want to be the n….. in the woodpile.”
“There were many complaints because of his offensive and racist remarks following the meeting at Staines council chamber . Would you like to tell our viewers what action was taken against him and if he is still a council Cabinet officer?”

How about:
“Mr Miliband, in April of this year, Councillors Len Junier (who represents North Ormesby and Brambles Farm ward), Pervaz Khan (Middlehaven), Sajaad Khan (Gresham), Derek Loughborough (North Ormesby and Brambles Farm) and John McPartland (Middlehaven) have said their positions are no longer “tenable” following an interview and selection process for the Labour Party.”
“They have formed the Association of Independent Middlesborough Councillors and are hoping to recruit more members in the run-up to the General Election in may of next year.”
Amongst other things they have accused the Middlesborough Labour Group of being racist and morally bankrupt.”
“Would you care to comment?”

How much air-time and column inches was given to the story of the Conservative councillor, John Cherry who was forced to resign last year over his comments that “Pakistani children would fail to rise to the top and some nationalities were uncertain what hard work was about.”
Whether the man resigned of his own accord or was pushed is irrelevant, what is glaringly obvious from these three stories is the blatant hypocrisy and total bias of the media.

The Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the LibDems and Hope not Hate are all busy digging dirt on UKIP members. Anything will do, anything which they perceive as a slur on a new Party which is threatening to disturb the status quo.
O’Brien accused UKIP of having members sent to gaol. Then, so did members of the Labour Party, The Tory Party and, famously, the LibDem Party. Did he bring this up in order to balance his argument with Mr Farage? I think not!
Let me help Mr O’Brien and the other confused presenters when they struggle for balance when accusing a UKIP official of one misdemeanour or another. Purely to bring an air of fairness and transparency.

Tory councillor in Chingford to be sentenced today over firearms charges

Tory councillor resigns from party over firearms conviction in Somerset

‘Independent’ councillor – whose wife is a Labour county councillor – has disqualification for bullying reduced to 18 months

Labour councillor has case adjourned until safely after the election after her own (Labour controlled) council makes shambles of court paperwork in Thurrock
Former Lib Dem councillor now standing as independent charged with benefits fraud in Kingston

Conservative councillor arrested over false barrister claims in Guildford

Lib Dem councillor convicted of benefit fraud charges forced of council committees after refusing to resign in Tiverton

Conservative councillor receives one year ban for drink driving in Skegness

Police launch electoral fraud investigation into Labour councillor in Slough over intimidation relating to postal votes

Conservative candidate disqualified after £30k benefits fraud conviction comes to light in Enfield

5 Labour councillors resign from party in Middlesbrough citing racism of local Labour Party among other complaints

Tory council accused of turning blind eye to license breaches at pub owned by Tory councillor during function on behalf of Tory mayor in Crayford

SNP activists claims Tory councillor made sexist remarks (but nobody else heard) in Berwickshire

Labour councillor faces investigation over homophobic remarks directed at gay rival in Liverpool

More resignations from Labour Party in Thanet following leader’s resignation over homophobia claims earlier this week
The above list appears on the blog, ‘Nope not hope, http://nopenothope.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/the-latest-digest-of-crimes-etc-by.html.
I would advise people to read it.

Just remember, UKIP members are equally as adept at using shovels to dig dirt as Labour, Conservatives, LibDem or Hope not Hate activists.
We didn’t start the war, we just wanted to inject some much needed common sense into politics. I hope that this has levelled the playing field somewhat.








  1. Les May 20, 2014 / 5:40 pm

    Excellent piece Phil! Nice to see some redress; not a normal tactic for UKIP, but as you say, balance is needed!


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