He has withstood the egg throwing idiots, the bouts of banner bashing and the mobs of Hope not Hate sponsored unruly clairvoyants chanting, ‘racist, fascist, homophobe etc who try to convince anyone who will listen that life under UKIP would be truly dire. Their myopic vision of the future based on a fear of the truth and an uncommon abhorrence of common sense.

However, on a sultry Friday in mid May Nigel Farage’s vulnerability was exposed in the most cruel way. His antagonist was the LBC presenter, James O’Brien; what was arranged as an interview quickly turned into a relentless interrogation by O’Brien who used Mr Farage’s family as weapons to boost his (O’Brien’s) own ego. Questions were fired at Mr Farage but his answers, when he was allowed to answer, were ignored. Any riposte was met with a sneer, something which doesn’t translate on radio but which has the desired effect upon ones protagonist when he is sitting across from you.
Was Mr Farage flustered? Of course he was but I defy anyone who is trying to defend his/her family against a sustained and often vitriolic onslaught, not to be!

The press were alight, Farage has his ‘Nick Griffin moment’ screamed the Mirror. The column writers of the Guardian and the Independent were agog with glee. I’m only surprised that their editorials were not festooned with great blobs of ink as they scrabbled to get their vitriol onto paper.
Eric Pickles waddled into the fray, accusing UKIP of : “Preying on fears about immigration in a shameful way.” He added to that by saying that some UKIP members had made racist calculations. I’m not clear on what he meant by that but, then again, Pickles and clarity hardly go hand-in-hand. To emphasise my point, Pickles then says that he does not believe UKIP to be a racist party.
In the Telegraph, Pickles is quoted as saying about UKIP: “Xenophobia is the fear of anything that’s different, anything that’s unusual, that’s slightly foreign. In a way, they are a sort of uber-nationalist party.
Thanks for clearing that up Eric.

The electorate even had advice from that bastion of common sense, Ed Miliband. He reckoned that the only alternative UKIP had to offer voters was a combination of deeper cuts than the Coalition and higher unemployment because we want to come out of the EU.
Isn’t this all a bit suspicious, a bit predictable? On Friday we had wannabe Paxman, O’Brien ambushing Nigel Farage then on Saturday, Pickles and Miliband throw in their two penny worth of poison. Swiftly followed on Sunday with Sky news, BBC news, Murnaghan et al, informing everyone that Nigel Farage is indeed racist.
To round up, we then have the biggest, slimiest lamprey of them all, Nick Clegg, telling the Guardian that, “Nigel Farage’s mask is slipping and that behind the beer-swilling bonhomie is a really nasty view of the World and of modern Britain.”
Then, not to be outdone, Pickles raises his five chins above the parapet to announce: “The way to defeat UKIP is to show leadership, show a sense of purpose and show a long-term economic plan.”
Thank you Eric, back to your abacus there’s a good chap.

Nigel Farage is not racist, he talks openly about immigration because it effects every citizen in the UK. Neither he nor any member of UKIP are against immigration. All we want is to control our borders, control who can and cannot come in and stop discriminating against our friends in the Commonwealth and the rest of the World!
The Establishment in the Palace of Westminster have got it wrong on immigration. They know it and they know that the vast majority of the people in this country know it also. Their only defence is to throw the “racist card” at anyone who dare to point out the obvious.
Both the Labour Party and the Coalition realise that they can do nothing to stem the flow of immigrants from the EU27. The simple truth is, the EU will not allow closed borders within the European Union because of their policy of freedom of movement.
They, (LibLabConDem) are lying when they say that they can!
We are quoted “net migration” figures, this being the difference between those emigrating from the UK and those immigrating to the UK. Why? Because a “net migration” figure of 252,00 looks a lot better than admitting that 591,000 immigrants came into the country. (Figures for 2010). The latter is based on people whom the Government know came into the country legally, thousands more come illegally and are never accounted for.

To mount a vicious smear campaign against someone, indeed against the members of a political party, for pointing out the obvious and the detrimental effect this policy is having on every aspect of life in this country, is truly cowardly and barbaric.
In truth, the Establishment are running scared of UKIP. Yes, Miliband is correct when he says UKIP will cause job losses if they are ever in power. We will have a real “bonfire of the Quangos”, we will get rid of the non jobs in the NHS and local government.
To counter those job losses we would increase employment by building more houses, power stations, factories, revitalise the fishing industry and start fracking so that we are not reliant on foreign gas for our power supplies.
Getting our country back is not a vanity project dreamed up by a load of old fogeys. It is a well-thought out plan built on patriotism, economics and sovereignty.

Narendra Modi has just won the Indian General Election. Against the odds, he won a resounding victory over Congress and demonstrated that when the people have had enough of being told what to do and when to do it and have thrown off the shackles of apathy; they will look for a new way.
In the UK, that new way is UKIP and the Establishment had better get used to it because the smears and the lies and the insults just ain’t working!










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