It was a hot summer night, the dormitory housed twenty pre-pubescent boys; ages ranging five through to twelve. Despite the heat, several of the young boys were shivering in their beds.They had heard the cars pull up outside, they had heard the raucous laughter as the ‘guests’ gathered for drinks downstairs. Now, they waited, fearful of every footfall outside their dormitory, hoping that the door which opened would be to another dormitory. Praying that their wish for invisibility had been granted.

Each one knew however that hope was forlorn, that prayers would go unanswered, that they were but toys to the ‘Gentlemen’ who would soon ascend the stairs and fall upon them.
Was that the creak of a floorboard? …….

We are told that the filthy, disgusting Elm Guest House rapes and tortures of young boys had been undetected for over thirty years. I would suggest that it was going on for many years before that. The biggest cancer in our society today is paedophilia. Paedophiles are well organised, international and deadly. Children are not only abused on a regular basis but killed as well.
Omertà protects these vile cretins, with vendettas commonplace for anyone who breaks ranks or who tries to expose them. Take the case of Geoffrey Dickens, an avid right wing Tory MP who spent sixteen years in Parliament. He died nineteen years ago, his last few years spent in fear of his life because he dared, in 1981, to use Parliamentary privilege to name three paedophiles. They were an MI6 operative, a diplomat and Sir Peter Hayman, Dickens demanded that the Attorney General explain why the latter had escaped prosecution over the discovery of violent pornography on a London bus.
In 1983 he stumbled upon a paedophile network involving “big names”. He threatened to expose these ‘pederasts’ in Parliament, saying that the network comprised of people of power, influence and responsibility. The following year he campaigned for the closure of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Unfortunately he naively handed the dossier which contained information about the abuse of children in care (principally local authority care)
to Leon Brittan. Unsurprisingly PIE was not banned and the Local authorities within the dossier were not investigated.
He got little sympathy in Parliament from his fellow MPs. He even told, in a speech, how since his vociferous stance against Paedophilia and his exposure of people in the public eye and in high office, he had been the target of threatening phone calls, been placed on a ‘hit-list’ and had been burgled twice.
It should have been clear to him at that stage that the benches of the Upper and Lower Houses of Westminster were filled with filth.

The list of local authorities involved in child sex abuse is long. They appear in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Rochdale, Manchester, and so on and so on ad infinitum. Career paedos go from local authority to local authority, practicing their vile filth and then moving on before any action can be taken. Not that it ever is. The Police authorities seem loathe to move at anything but a snails pace when dealing with reports of abuse to young children. There is a question in that last sentence, one which I think all who read this will know the answer to!

Notice how quiet its gone concerning Harriet Harman?
Notice how quiet its gone concerning Patricia Hodge?
Notice how quiet its gone concerning Jack Dromey?
Notice how quiet its gone concerning Patricia Hewitt?

Don’t expect bells to start ringing anytime soon, they have pushed this well and truly under the carpet. Too many pederasts in too many high places live above the Law. A slim majority even make the Law.
We have to make sure that our children and their children are safe, who can we rely on? Who cares?
Who knows? I certainly don’t and that is the scariest part. It isn’t just friends and neighbours it could be a family member. We need a complete clear out and we need full disclosure. It won’t happen unless decent people say enough is enough.


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