I saw an article written in “Workers Liberty” detailing the protest against Nigel Farage’s North East rally. This spurred me to dedicate a blog to Hope not Hate and its “celebrity” supporters such as Billy Bragg. However, whilst researching for the article I started to think about the looney left who turn out, come rain or shine, to accuse UKIP of racism, fascism, homophobia and what ever ‘ism’ or ‘obia’ they feel able to spell when assembling their placards.

Imagine the nightmare scenario if we stay in the EU. Better still, imagine the panic amongst these clowns when, after a month of EU Gestapo tactics, the people of this country actually wake up and start to rebel. Don’t get me wrong, I feel no sympathy for them, I believe that they should get everything that they deserve.

They remind me of the cyborgs from the planet Mondas, these; ‘cybermen’ who, because they have had to implant more and more artificial parts into their bodies as a form of self-preservation has led to the race becoming coldly logical and calculating, with every emotion deleted from their minds. The description fits the far left perfectly. Perhaps we should start calling them “Mondasians”
Can you imagine;
“Quick, there is a load of Mondasians coming down the street all carrying placards with Facelifts “fascists out” written on them!”Cybermen
The unfortunate thing is that these people, through the socialist press, have the ear of the electorate. Granted not as many as they used to have but, non-the-less, enough that we should be worried enough to get out onto the street to scotch their filthy lies and innuendo.
Take for example the ‘bard of Barking’ or as I refer to him, Billy Bragg the ‘barking bard’, he was, apparently, the lone voice speaking out against a boycott of the UKIP rally held at the Gateshead Sage last month. He said and I quote.
I want people to hear UKIP, every time they open their mouths everyone can hear what crazy people they are. It make them feel like martyrs if they are banned. Let them come, make their argument and then we’ll put some facts into it.”
This man is a patron of Hope not Hate an organisation dedicated to the destruction of free speech and real democracy. Their biggest claim to fame to date is that they have hounded the BNP almost out of existence. Their sights are now firmly set on UKIP which begs the question, are we afraid of Mondasians?
We should certainly be wary!

Like the majority of far-left activist, card-carrying loonies marching for the ‘rights of the working man’, these hypocrites haven’t a clue. Most of them compose their eulogies in the comfort of their own homes in fashionable parts of whatever city they live in. Take Bragg for instance he lives in the Dorset town of Burton Bradstock enjoying a wealthy lifestyle, far removed from Barking, yet he still plays the part of the champion for the lower classes. The gross hypocrisy being that it is these deluded lower classes who are buying his music and, ergo, the false hope that it espouses and in doing so, lining his pockets with gold.
You can understand why people are duped by Bragg and Hope not Hate. Most people are impressed with celebrity, a result of New Labour’s policy of deliberately dumbing down the UK populace. So when you have people like these posing as prominent supporters of Hope not Hate;
Lord Sugar, boxer Amir Khan, singer Beverly Knight, actress and screenwriter Meera Syal, TV presenter Fiona Phillips, chef Simon Rimmer, songwriter Billy Bragg, entrepreneur Levi Roots, singer Speech Debelle, actress and singer Paloma Faith, presenter Dermot O’Leary, Baroness Glenys Kinnock and comedian Eddie Izzard.
You have to ask, are you surprised that the, New Labour inspired, people are impressed?

The Daily Mirror goes out of its way to support and sponsor Hope not Hate. My message is; tell everyone you know NOT to buy it any more. Hope not Hate is a vile organisation and needs to be shut down. That will only happen if you stand up to its supporters and show them that you will not be brow-beaten nor will you allow them to smear you with lies.
The best form of defence is always; attack!





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