Lynton Crosby is a ruthless political strategist who has been employed by David Cameron for the sum of £500,000, to secure a Conservative victory at the 2015 General Election. He has an excellent track record in delivering political victories and will stoop as low as necessary to achieve his goal. His team along with Hope not Hate are busy sifting through social media sites of all UKIP members; its like McCarthyism all over again. This isn’t scaremongering, this is happening as I write. The national press are on full alert with pens poised to poison UKIP candidate’s chances of winning seats in the forthcoming local elections and European Elections.

Where local elections are being held Branch Chairmen and women have been urged to field as many candidates as possible. This has put a lot of pressure on Branch leaders and mistakes have been made, I give one as an example. On March 29, the day gay marriage was made legal in the UK, Robert Bilcliff, who is standing to be a councillor in Tamworth, Staffordshire, took to Twitter to declare: ‘Sad day for all us straight people.’
I pick this example, not because I believe Mr Bilcliff to be especially homophobic, I do not know in what context the Tweet was made. Neither do Lynton Crosby’s people and, more to the point, they do not care! However this is just the sort of thing that they are looking for and what the national press pray for. There is absolutely no point in getting a full card of candidates if the Branch has not fully vetted each one before they are put forward. It isn’t just the Branch Managers who end up with egg on their faces but also the Regional Officers.
So too the candidates, most of whom just want to to make a difference in their communities. Managers are doing these people no favours by blandly accepting their offer to stand. More than any other Party, UKIP has got to be transparent and transparency means full disclosure and complete honesty. Managers need to be aware that the kudos of fielding a candidate for every Ward will soon be wiped away once they are confronted with a possible scandal because of something that has been discovered on a Social Media site by Mr Crosby and his trolls!
To show just how low this man can stoop and to illustrate what a hypocritical, foul-mouthed abuser he really is. Here is an example of what he is really like:
While working for London Mayor Boris Johnson on his Mayoral campaign, outspoken Australian ‘fixer’ Lynton Crosby used the phrase ‘f****** Muslims’.
No surprise that Cameron said he had no intention of changing his mind about appointing this duplicitous cretin despite these revelations.
This illustrates the point that I am making, we – UKIP – are directly in the firing line and no matter what dirt is dug up about our accusers, nothing will be done about it. We have to make sure no, doubly sure, that we keep our house in order. If Nigel Farage misses the ashtray with his fag ash he will be accused of being a litter lout. It is that petty and something which managers and candidates have got to be fully aware of.

Don’t think for one minute that the scrutiny will cease after May 22nd. Believe me, it will intensify. Newly elected UKIP Councillors will not be able to sit back on their collective laurels because they will be targets for scandal. Do not forget that the scandal is all the more great if it can be attributed to a serving Councillor rather than a mere candidate.
The obvious targets for the period immediately after the May elections through to the 2015 General Election will be the PPCs. It will be no good blaming Head Office if one of them is found culpable of some slight through their Social Media activities. Honesty, dignity and a belief in their constituents is what they will be measured on and any flaw in those values will be immediately seized upon by Crosby.

I have written this piece, not to dishearten members or to put a damper on what has been a fantastic year for UKIP, but to remind people that the euphoria created by our success in getting the common sense message across to the electorate can also be a blind to the obvious pitfalls that lie ahead. We are all fallible, more so because we in UKIP are not career politicians. The fact that we are trying to force our way into their select club without invite or ticket, rankles. So expect lots of dirty tricks, half truths and falsehoods over the next twelve months. It wont be just the Conservative Party trying to destroy our credibility, Labour have hired Obama campaign chief, David Axelrod to run their Election campaign. He is another seasoned campaign manager who will have no qualms about suffusing the Election in negativity

Whether the “Mainstream” admit it or not, UKIP are now a major force in British politics and that is why they are paying out vast sums of money to try to discredit us. If you do not give them the ammunition they cannot use it against you! So, box clever, be honest with yourselves as well as the electorate and never be afraid. If they are attacking you through the press or by using dirty tricks, just remember that they are doing so because they are losing the argument. We have joined this “Peoples Army” so that we can get our country back. Being in an army means that you have to stand up and be counted but, more than that, it means you have to fight! So let’s get out their and show the Crosbys’ and the Axelrods’ and anyone else who wants to sling mud in our direction that it will not stick. Not only have we ‘Right’ on our side we have the people on our side also.
As someone said to me the other day. “If you are getting flak, you must be over the target!”

















  1. Chris Fleming April 29, 2014 / 1:25 pm

    I try and read as many of your blogs as possible, and they have been coming thick and fast of late. I enjoyed reading this entry in particular because it’s an issue that I have often thought about, and even covered in my own blog as recently as last week.

    Yes, indeed they are watching. People are employed specifically to trawl the social media accounts of candidates of all parties. Particular emphasis is shown to UKIP as we are tackling necessary, but divisive issues. I would say that no candidate of any party is safe.

    You see, I take Twitter with a pinch of salt. Twitter is all about statements and hyperlinks. Threads don’t run accurately, and misunderstandings occur frequently. I see it as a toy that keeps me entertained when I’m bored. The lads from down the pub are on it, and we tweet all sorts of things to each other. I tweet lots of things that are brash fantasy and parody. My blog gives a true reflection of who I really am, Twitter is so basic that it doesn’t deserve taking seriously.

    However, I got to thinking a few weeks ago and even had a private chat with someone else about it (the Direct Message tool), what if you are judged by your online persona? Would people really be stupid enough to listen? I think yes, printed in the context that only a newspaper could manipulate, they would. So that’s why I changed my name so that it didn’t reflect who I am at all. My account had to become pretty much all parody. All reference of UKIP Is removed from it because I’m just not any kind of spokesperson for the party, and I never will be.

    When I spoke to the Lib Dem candidate here in my area, and he mistakenly thought for a minute that I might be standing, his face almost hit the floor. He knows and I know, I don’t do things to mess around, I do things to win, and I’d win by a country mile. There’s no second prize in my job, I work in sales. Unfortunately, I’ll never stand, because my social media account is for fun and friends, and there’s lots that could be taken out of context. What we will see cross-party are many people with the right credentials like me, that will blankly refuse to enter the political frame in the future, and that is a massive shame.


    • philbo62 April 29, 2014 / 1:43 pm

      Thanks for that Chris. I wrote this particular article for several reasons, the main one being the use of trivia to bring down honest people. However, one issue I didn’t tackle was alluded to in the section concerning full candidate cards. I know from experience that some Chairpersons are on an ego trip with this one. It has become a game of ‘one-upmanship ‘ between Branches and I believe that this is why so many good UKIP candidates are being caught out. Scrutiny and honesty are paramount and, as you said about your own position, I too have refrained from standing for the very same reasons.


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