Dydh da. For those not in the know that is the Cornish greeting for hello.

Cornwall has been granted “minority status” by the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities’
Under the authority of the Council of Europe, this convention prohibits any discrimination based on belonging to a national minority.

The media have all greeted this with some bemusement, presenters and reporters grabbing anyone from west of the Tamar for a quick laugh and a joke about being Cornish and what it means to them.
Mebyon Kernow is a centre-left political party in Cornwall, which primarily campaigns for devolution to Cornwall in the form of a Cornish Assembly, as well as social democracy and environmental protection. These, sons of Cornwall, like the Llywodraeth Cymru in Wales and the Scots: Pàrlamaid na h-Alba, want separation from the United Kingdom. Even more sinister is the fact that the Coalition and Opposition Parties are happy for them to do so. It also suits the European Union and falls in line with their policy of “Zoning”.

As an Englishman I could quite easily fall into the same trap and demand the same status for England and I’m sure that if it were to be granted then the Isle of Man, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Isles would all want to follow suit. Where does it end?
It should end when the Scottish people give a resounding ‘no’ vote in September. The United Kingdom is a fantastic union. We might have our internal squabbles and differences but we are, whether you like it or not, “that island off the coast of Europe.”
It is “that island” which has helped to shape the World and stabilise an all too often unstable Europe. We work better as a team, we work better together, our land mass is such that it would be madness to split it up into four different countries, England, Scotland, Cornwall and Wales. Let’s not forget Northern Ireland, under whose protection would they come under if we all went our own way? Sure, they might demand their own Independence but their situation is different to the other four.

Would Scotland claim Northern Island on the grounds that it was settled predominantly by Scottish Protestants? Would the people of Northern Island accept that?
Would England ally itself to Northern island on historical grounds? Would the government of Eire accept that?
More than likely, given this scenario, Eire would lay claim to the north and the EU would demand that the north secedes from any alliance with mainland Britain and unifies with Eire.

My point is, if we allow devolution on the scale wanted by secessionists the British would cease to exist as a nation. I for one, whilst being proud of my English heritage am even more proud to call myself British.
Since the mid-sixties British politicians have colluded with their European counterparts with the sole aim of breaking up the Union. They know that the only way that they can get the UK integrated into the EU is to do it piecemeal. The British people will not accept full integration. The last referendum we had was a farce. It was sold to the people of this country on a lie, a lie that cost us dearly and not just financially.

I am pleased for the people of Cornwall, I really am. They have got their identity back but please let that be an end to it. We need to be strong as a United Nation, as someone said on the radio today, ‘if we carry on the way we are we will appear like lily pads on a pond’.
He is right, lily pads ripe for picking off one by one.
Margaret Thatcher destroyed our industry and sold us out to the finance sector. Blair destroyed our pride and motivation, leaving apathy and an empty Treasury. The Coalition have completed the process by selling the last pieces of UK inc to the EU. Do not let them sell your souls!
Fight back, be happy with who you are, be proud of your heritage and don’t let this government or the EU or the European Commission fragment this great Union of ours.




3 thoughts on “DIVISION

  1. Michele McLintock April 25, 2014 / 12:07 am

    That was a very truthful and affectionate blog. I am Scottish, but also British. I love the Uk . It is a sad situation we have found ourselves in. Who knows what the future will bring, I only hope the majority get all the facts and are not swayed by sentiment or false promises.


  2. dartherino April 25, 2014 / 1:21 am



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