“It’s a miracle!” 

The Tories are shouting it out at the top of their voices.

“George Osborne is the new Messiah!” 

Granted he might be on a high after his last Budget and, some might say, why not? It has been one of the best received Budgets in a long time but who are the actual winners because of Georgie Boys Budget? Certainly not the old, those people who have saved for retirement from the day that they started work. Certainly not the disabled. Certainly not the genuine Benefit claimant. The former had their pension pots raped by Gordon Brown and their pension, what little was left when they received it, is taxed at 20% by HMRC. The disabled were cruelly slapped in the face by Iain Duncan-Smith via ATOS and the Benefit claimant has not only been made to feel like a useless member of society but have had their meagre income capped to less than minimum wage levels.

I cannot and will not deny that the economy is recovering faster than the experts predicted. It’s like a super fast ship slicing through the ocean waves where everything seems fine until you look back at the wake and see the flotsam and jetsam of poor people, debt, low-paid workers, and unemployed. However, in ‘George’s World’ this is acceptable if you want to beat inflation. In every war there are casualties and, as Marie Antoinette said. “Let them eat cake!”
Even the much vaunted (by Osborne at least), Office for Budget Responsibility isn’t jumping through hoops at the state of the UK economy. They cannot see much change from the present trend, in fact they forecast that they cannot see it turning into anything more lasting. I have said in the past that building the economy on a government fuelled housing market and the hope that business will somehow come to the rescue and fill in the gaps is a folly. I’m sorry to say that this is what I see for the future, “a folly”!

Cameron and Clegg both say that to come out of the EU would damage the UK irreparably because we would lose trading partners in Europe. As things stand at the moment, net trade is not expected to help the economy at all. Referring back to the OBR, they forecast that, for the foreseeable future, we will be buying more than we sell. Also, putting more money in peoples pockets is good but to do so in order to boost the economy shows a lack of forethought and a pitiful lack of knowledge when it comes to fiscal history. Consumer spending on the levels that Osborne needs will fuel massive household debt and if you couple that with the low Bank of England interest rates, meaning savings with no growth, it has to be a recipe for another disaster.

The winners as a result of Osborne’s Budget will be the better off and I have no problem with that in the sense that those who have the talent and the skills to do well should be proportionately rewarded. However, Iain Duncan-Smith and his moronic acolytes have worked out that a married couple with no children can live on £226.50 per week of which HMRC will take £4.92 in tax. not a vast amount I agree but that leaves just £221.58 to pay for food, rent, utilities, clothing and travel.
20% of £200,000 leaves £2,388.46 to pay for the same expenditure. My point is, while I do not begrudge someone earning £200,000 per year I do think it wrong that the disparity between the net figures is so great. A fair tax system, not one that penalises those with skills which demand high wages, would take the poor out of the tax system completely. Instead of capping the first band at £10,500 why not raise that to £15,000 or even £17,500. That would surely boost the economy because then people would really have money in their pockets to spend.

So, George, stop picking on the weak, the elderly and the poor in society; a good bookkeeper tries to break even first and then considers a profit. Your books are lopsided I’m afraid. If you want Westminster plc to run like a business I suggest you take yourself off and get a job running a business. No good, honest businessman fudges the figures nor, do they take data and make it fit their particular needs. The Treasury and the DWP are masters at manipulating facts and figures to suit their agendas.
Your little con trick with pensions was just that, a con trick because once the poor sods have spent their money they will come down to Earth with a bump when they realise that you have just used them to boost the economy and that the DWP will show a paucity of sympathy for those with nothing left!

So, who is better off? I think we all know the answer to that, the Treasury is better off and the rich are better off because you are a rubbish bookkeeper. As for bringing down the deficit; I think that all right minded people know that you are lying on that one. You have borrowed more since coming to Office than the idiots in Labour managed to do in thirteen years. By the way, I know of at least forty thousand people who also know that you are a liar. Polls show that the majority of people polled trust you with the economy more than they would Ed Balls. I wouldn’t trust either of you to look after my Easter egg!










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