I was reading today that the LibDems are more or less finished. The article stated that their projected percentage of the vote for the EU elections and the Local elections was so poor that LibDem MPs are looking ahead to the General Election and queuing at Tory and Labour head offices offering their services post 2015.

It couldn’t have happened to better Party! The lies in the wake of Rennard, Smith and other LibDem MPs beggar belief. My guess is that all of the three main Party’s in Westminster are as crooked and sleaze-filled as each other. The Tories and Labour have just seen fit to allow the disgusting LibDems to carry the can for the cess ridden Upper and Lower Houses. To the detriment of the tabloids, it is noticeable that only the Mail is currently carrying the story about the vile politician for Rochdale, Cyril Smith. It is also very telling that both the Labour and Conservative Parties are keeping very quiet about the whole subject.

What of Rennard? It would appear that sheer desperation has overcome common decency as it is rumoured that the LibDems are ready to welcome back the tainted peer to the fold. Clegg, their leader, has once again suffered a bout of chronic amnesia as conveniently in this case as he did when heaping praise on Cyril Smith. Surely this insipid, depraved lot have had their day? How many more inquires, how many more ‘lessons learned’ are the public going to fall for before we have total anarchy? Isn’t that how Rome was destroyed; from within?
Orwell was closer to the truth than he envisaged when writing Nineteen Eighty Four. The whole premise of the novel can be likened to a blueprint for the EU. In the novel there are three superstates, all in a state of perpetual war. With America, Russia and the EU we are getting pretty close to that scenario in all respects. Does this sound familiar?
“Airstrip One, formerly Great Britain, a province of the superstate Oceania, omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism or, ‘Ingsoc’ in the government’s invented language, ‘Newspeak’. All under the control of a privileged ‘Inner Party’ elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking, ‘thought crimes’.”

You only have to think back to the “Zoning” that philanderer Prescott tried to force onto the country. A system designed to fracture the UK and make for easy integration into the European Superstate to see where the idea was born!
As I said, Orwell was closer to the truth than he could have imagined; or, was he imagining? George Orwell was the pen name of, wait for it; Eric Arthur Blair.

When the minority can rape and pillage the majority with impunity there is something seriously wrong with society. The Savilles’, Smiths’, Harmans,’ and Thorpes’ are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to depravity at the highest level. Who knows, other than those holding the files and dossiers of filth, how deep or widespread this cancer is? When the police and the Judiciary cannot help you who is left to carry the beacon of Justice? Who is there to say ‘enough is enough’? The answer is, us, the people and we must do so. We must show this collection of depraved, narcissistic sociopaths that we will not tolerate their complete and utter contempt for the people of this country. In May do not vote for a single one of them either in the European Elections or the local elections. When you arrive at the polling station picture the innocent victims of Saville and Smith et al, then put your cross against your UKIP candidate because that person will be the only one who really cares about you and what you stand for.

Well I would say that because I am a member of UKIP!
No, I say it because UKIP was borne out of frustration at a system which treats the man and woman in the street as idiots. A system which has for decades mis-represented the ordinary men and women of this country. A system which is rotten to the core, a system which does not need changing but rather, destroying! We in UKIP run on the principle of common sense, let us also run on the honourable principle of safeguarding the innocent and vulnerable.


One thought on “ROTTEN TO THE CORE

  1. @MsGrace April 15, 2014 / 1:47 am

    I suspect NHS Trusts were zoned to climatise the people, in preparation. Cold, soulless, & dismal – all familiarity now gone. Pensioners wandering aimlessly trying to seek out correct ‘zone’. All the welcoming signage gone. Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, etc…all buildings numbered. Eg. Medical Recirds is now ‘Zone A, ‘Building 7’. Likewise with wards, outpatient clinics, theatres, labs etc..
    More like a gulag than a hospital. Increasingly, ‘Muslim Only’ toilets. (so they can wash their feet before prayer). See teaching hospital in Leeds. Prayers rooms for Muslims accommoded too. While store cupboards being used for extra seating for waiting patients, currently waiting in corridors.


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