Over the past six weeks or more the newspaper headlines, backed by TV and Radio lead stories, have been writ large with tales of paedophilia, homosexuality and rape at the highest levels of the Establishment. Given the cover-ups that have come to light through the Freedom of Information Act, should we assume that we are, and have been for decades, governed by a cynical group of sexual deviants? It is a fair question which begs another. ‘How tolerant should a tolerant society be?’

Before the “Pink Police” all race en masse for the homophobe klaxon let me explain that this post is in no way intended as a slur against homosexuality. Rather, it is an attempt to highlight the sickening depravity practiced by some people in positions of power in this country. Who do so in the knowledge that they have every chance of complete immunity from prosecution. We are not just talking here about politicians, the pit of filth goes deeper with every discovery. We need to look to the Judiciary, the Civil Service, the Police, Local Government, it was and, is everywhere. They have all colluded in order to protect each other and this has created deliberate confusion simply because of the enormity and spread of these vile practices throughout the land.

The willingness of the ruling classes to close ranks in order to support one of their own was clear for all to see during the Jeremy Thorpe trial in 1979. He along with three others was charged with conspiring to kill Norman Scott. Thorpe’s sexuality had been a matter for conjecture throughout his political career. He met Scott in 1961, a person who later claimed that he and Thorpe had, had a homosexual relationship between 1961 -1963, something which was illegal during that time. This led to an enquiry by the Liberal Party which, no surprise, exonerated Thorpe. However, matters escalated in 1975 when Scott was taken to Exmoor by Andrew Newton. Scott took Rinka, a Great Dane that he was looking after for a friend. When Newton arrived at a place called Portlock Hill he stopped the car and they all got out. Newton then produced a gun and shot and killed the dog. He then turned the gun on Scott but it failed to fire, Newton then got back into his car, drove off and left Scott with the dead dog.
During the subsequent trial, for which Newton was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm and an intent to endanger life and gaoled. He was released in 1977. Allegations were made by Scott that Thorpe had threatened to kill him if he repeated that he and Scott had been in a homosexual relationship. The scandal forced Thorpe to resign as leader of the Liberal Party on May 9th 1976. Worst was to come because when Newton was released from prison he stoked up the fires of the scandal by claiming that he had been hired to kill Scott. This led to the arrest of Thorpe and three others on 4th August 1978.
The Judge at the trial was Mr Justice Cantley and he caused a furore with his summation, in it he described Scott as liar, a crook and a fraud. He more or less directed the jury to acquit the defendants. Even so it took the jury fifteen hours to do so and Thorpe and his three co defendants were all acquitted on 22nd June 1979.

Political luminaries of the day such as Barbara Castle, Harold Wilson and, even the up and coming, Jack Straw were all implicated in alleged plots to either smear or, help Thorpe. It was even suggested that Straw leaked information to the media from a file on Scott.

Then we come to Cyril Smith, a man who, allegedly, outdid Jimmy Saville in the depravity of his crimes against children and under-age adults. Is it a coincidence that he was a member of the Liberal Party or, perhaps the coincidence is that he was a politician. A known paedophile who was investigated several times yet always freed from custody with no stain on his character. One of the ‘untouchables’!
This man’s depravity was only surpassed by the acceptance of the people in high office who protected him. It wasn’t just the Liberal party who protected this moron, MI5 was involved, so too the Tory Party and Labour. All of them working for the good of the Party whilst allowing Smith to fill his depraved boots with as many poor, wretched victims as he could get his hands on!

This year we have had the ‘scandal that wasn’t a scandal’. I use that phrase because the whole matter was kicked under the carpet by the ‘powers that be’ before it could gain any sort of momentum or be properly discussed. I refer to the involvement of three prominent Labour politicians on the National Council for Civil Liberties and its affiliate PIE; Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt. Granted their involvement occurred during the 1970’s but, non-the-less, they all endorsed the Paedophile Information Exchange when it argued for incest to be decriminalised and argued that photographs of undressed children should not be considered “indecent” – and therefore illegal – unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered harm or that an inference to that effect or to the effect that harm might have been caused could reasonably be drawn from the images themselves, with Harriet Harman arguing that it would “increase censorship”. In May 1978, according to MagPIE, NCCL motions were passed supporting PIE’s rights and the annual meeting went on to condemn ‘attacks’ against paedophiles and their supporters, saying “this AGM condemns the physical and other attacks on those who have discussed or attempted to discuss paedophilia, and reaffirms the NCCL’s condemnation of harassment and unlawful attacks on such persons.

It would appear that our children are not safe whilst LibLabConDem run the country. We need a clean sweep and not just of the palace of Westminster. We are being brainwashed into becoming a ‘tolerant society’. Perhaps I should go further and say ‘bullied’ into becoming a tolerant and accepting society. In order to enforce this tolerance the Establishment is using words such as, homophobia, homophobic, sexist, racist, extremist, along with the promotion of apathy, which to some extent is working. We have to revert back to the old adage; ‘sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’
Our children deserve better from us, they are the innocents in all of this and yet we are allowing them to be damaged on an industrial scale. In my opinion, the police and the CPS are still turning a blind eye to this depravity instead, focussing on the alleged sexual misdemeanours of TV and radio celebrities in order to divert attention from the real hotbed of sexual deviancy. If these ‘celebrities’ did commit crimes against women and children as is alleged then I hope that they will be found guilty and feel the full force of the Law against them! However, it seems obvious to me that the real crime, the rape of innocence, is still going on and investigation is still being suppressed.

















  1. True Blue British April 14, 2014 / 8:43 am

    It just goes to show how twisted and deprived out society is — and always has been.

    It reminds of the case of Lord Boothby, and his sexual deviant behaviour with the “cat burglar”, Leslie Holt in the 60s; and of course, his ‘relationship’ with the Krays,. and with one Tom Drieberg.

    These people have been allowed for years to sexually abuse our country’s youth and get away with it.

    It’s time we took our country back from the cesspool that it’s become. God help Britain.


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