It is that time of year, the time when the incumbent Chancellor stands at the Despatch Box and delivers his Budget or, as I like to call it, his “what’s in it for me?” speech.

Prior to the Chancellor’s annual verbal onslaught the Members of the House gather to sit on their respective benches. The Government on the Speakers right hand and the Opposition on his left. As the House of Commons only seats four hundred and twenty seven of the six hundred and fifty elected politicians,  members who arrive late must stand by the entrance to the House if they want to listen to the Chancellor’s speech.

There is usually much to-ing and fro-ing of banter between the Parties until The Speaker calls the House to order and invites the Chancellor to speak. Mr Osborne, our present shuffler of dubious facts and figures, got to his feet and amid much muttering and hooting from the other side of the House delivered his latest take on the British economy. Or, should I say, his warped view of our future economic growth under his stewardship.

The myriad of facts and figures soon washed over my head and I began to look hard at the pack of baying idiots seated in front and behind Osborne. The House of Commons, I realised to my discomfort, was full of people to whom politics had become a profession. It then struck me that the days when politics was a vocation had long past. What a sorry and sad state of affairs!

Some reading this will be thinking; ‘God, have you only just realised that!’ The sad truth is, I came to that conclusion many years ago but preferred to believe that our great Parliamentary Institution could not possibly fall as low as it has and that somewhere amongst the six hundred and fifty representatives would be some who still believe, as I do, in the democratic process, forged through the Magna Carta, enforced through civil war and upheld through two destructive World Wars.  Alas, it would appear that I was greatly mistaken. Far from upholding Democracy the professional politicians who now populate the Palace of Westminster are content to throw away hard fought freedoms, are content to give away great swathes of our Territorial Waters, give powers to an unelected assembly across the English Channel without the safeguard of a veto, subject the British people to laws thought up behind closed doors in anonymous offices in Brussels, allow the country to be swamped by immigrants, the extent of which makes Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech look like a Sunday School recital and to top it all they do it in the name of “freedom”!

We no longer have great orators beseeching both sides of the House to take a step back in order to view something from a new angle, we no longer have politicians who saw the Houses of Parliament as their vocation. Politicians who were prepared to stand up and be counted in the House on behalf of their constituents. Instead we have people who know more about the works of Virgil, Cicero, Lucretius, Ovid, Plato etc than they do about the ordinary person in the street!

It is strange that in this country the politician with the most kudos, the politician with the most respect, is not someone who is a Member of Parliament but a man on the fringe. A man often referred to as leader of a load of fruitcakes and loonies. Yet this man leads the fastest growing Party in the country. Why is this? Why are people flocking to the UK Independence Party? Why do people stop and listen when that leader, Mr Nigel Farage, speaks? He hasn’t come up with some magic formula, he hasn’t bewitched the Nation nor, if he will excuse me saying so, is he a fantastic orator. What he does do and to great effect, is tell the truth. Not only that but he has no time for political speak, when asked a question he looks his inquisitor in the eye and answers concisely and honestly. Two other things set him apart from the rash of professionals who pound the corridors of power;

1) He is a professional, a true professional in the sense that before taking up his present vocation he held down a proper job. Something the Eton and Oxbridge clan who polish their backsides on the green seats of the House of Commons know nothing about.

2) He speaks in a language which is alien to the professionals but, oh so, clear to the general public. Here we have a man who speaks common sense. This being anathema to modern-day politicians because reasoned argument through common sense gives people a choice. Now, there is a word which scares the political elite to death.

“Choice”, it explains why we in this country have been denied a referendum on our membership of the EU.

Should the people choose to come out of this vile Federal Caucus our leaders would be grossly out of pocket for one thing because they rely on their EU puppet-masters to fund various vanity projects both in this country and abroad which undoubtedly benefit them either directly or indirectly!  Being on the outside would also show clearly the lies being perpetrated by our politicians as to why it is to our benefit to stay in the EU.

Back to the House and the Chancellor’s speech. When Osborne sat down to cheering and applause from his benches and boos of derision from the Opposition benches it was the turn of the leader of the Opposition to reply. Once again we were subjected to trite schoolboy comments, this time from the government benches. The Speaker tried in vain to keep order and, thereby, keep the proceedings flowing smoothly. It was like the last day of term; teachers nil, school children one!

I was still left wondering: What’s in it for me?






One thought on “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

  1. kirk Dickenson March 22, 2014 / 11:42 am

    The sooner the public realise the UK are drifting into a single political union with the EU the better. There have been too many sacrifices made so that Britons can remain free and self determining. Vote UKIP for a free and democratic Britain!


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