What government in its right mind closes down cost effective power stations in the name of  “saving the Planet for future generations”, without first replacing them with a viable and efficient alternative?

The answer is, ‘the UK Coalition Government. So glued are they to the saddle of their high moral horses that they cannot see the wood for the green alternatives. I admit that as one of the sceptics when it comes to Climate Change it would be quite easy for me to dismiss Global Warming and Climate Change as myths brought about by a scientific elite eager for recognition and funding.

However, scepticism aside, I do believe that there is a bigger picture here. I would suggest that the whole issue of Global Warming / Climate Change is more about money and less about carbon dioxide emissions. People are calling for stiffer regulation of the energy industries or, they are demanding that they be nationalised. Neither option is palatable to the present crop of politicians. The Tories will run as far away from stiffer regulation as they can because if they were to implement such a measure it would lay bare the Conservative lie that competition alone will regulate the economy. Similarly, Labour will not broach the subject of nationalisation lest they be accused of hard left socialism.

So, what can be done and, who or what drives the green ‘renewable’ bandwagon? Well, good old ‘Call Me Dave’  announced that there are plans afoot for a new wave of nuclear reactors, starting at Hinkley Point in Somerset. It is planned that Hinkley Point ‘C’ will be up and running by 2023 and the Tories have hailed this as the start of the rebuilding of British industrial strategy.

The two reactors, which will provide power for about 60 years, are a key part of the coalition’s drive to shift the UK away from fossil fuels towards low-carbon power. There are also plans for new reactors at Sellafield, Hartlepool, Heysham, Wylfa, Sizewell, Bradwell and Oldbury. This will go some way to plug the energy gap caused by the foolish rush to close down perfectly viable and cheap coal-fired power stations. When completed they will boost the 1% of power to the National Grid, supplied by Hinkley Point at present, to 7% of the electricity required in this country. I fear that it will be a case of ‘too little too late.’  As for ‘who or, what drives the Green bandwagon, look no further than twenty odd miles across the English Channel.

The EU, in fairness, cannot be blamed completely for the drive for renewable energy.  What it is good at is scaremongering! Green energy, so-called ‘renewables‘  are costly but the profits for those producing the technology and manufacturing the plant is equally massive. This is what the suits in Brussels want for their paymasters and, consequently, they have produced countless Directives on the back of the ‘Kyoto protocol’ to ensure that the Green Agenda is front and centre of EU energy policy.

The EU has earmarked around £166 billion for the current climate policies, not in total but for every year until the end of the century, We are looking at a massive £12.5 trillion and for this grossly inappropriate figure, temperatures will be reduced by a paltry 0.05C. Where does this money go? Some of it will find its way into the coffers of the IPCC, a body set up in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organisation and the United Nations Environment Programme. Whilst the IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) does not carry out its own research or do the work of monitoring climate or related phenomena it does publish reports on topics relevant to the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This being a treaty which is anonymous to the ordinary man in the street but one which severely impacts how much ‘green tax’  he is likely to have to fork out.

To give a little perspective to the role of the IPCC there are over 120 governments Worldwide participating in the review and publication of reports on the effects and consequences of Climate Change. Is it any wonder that it is considered to be an internationally accepted authority on Climate Change? In 2007 the Nobel Peace Prize was shared between the IPCC and Al Gore. I’ll let you make up your own minds as to its credibility.

Going back to ‘the building of British industrial strategy’, the French State-owned firm, EDF will build the new plant at Hinkley along with help from two Chinese companies, both of which are also State-owned! Is this a new way that ‘good old Dave’, has devised for distributing foreign aid? The British taxpayer has been conned again, there may be an abundance of new jobs if the planned developments all go ahead but where will the profits go? Certainly not back to the beleaguered British tax payer! One third of British infrastructure is overseas owned, airports, ports, utilities, coal-fired power stations, nuclear plants, busses, wind farms, trains and, after the floatation, the Royal Mail. The whole issue of nuclear power for the UK is a sham and an embarrassment especially when you realise that we were once World leaders in the technology, the implementation and the running of nuclear power plant.

Instead of giving the French the contract for the proposed Nuclear reactors, the Coalition should have put out tenders to British firms and offered huge financial incentives to the nuclear physicists and scientist who fled these shores because of the ineptitude of the British governments from the eighties to the present day. The government should stop subsidising wind and wave power and all of the other ridiculous ‘renewable’  schemes and plough the money into the nuclear industry. They should also keep all existing coal-fired power stations on line until such time as the nuclear reactors can take over. The carbon footprint left by the CF power stations will be negligible when compared to that of India and China over the same period. When you look at the proposed payment of £92.50 per kilowatt hour to EDF against the £55.05 per kilowatt hour for coal or gas generated electricity you have to wonder if the pinstripes in Whitehall have got a maths ‘O’ level between them. Good God! Isn’t ‘the deficit’ big enough as it is?

The Royal Mail was grossly under-priced and it would appear that the production of electricity from nuclear reactors has been grossly over-priced! No matter, as long as ‘Dave’ can spin a good yarn about how good this will be for Britain. Time will tell, in my opinion the Coalition and, especially the Tories, are ensuring that everything done in this country is done for the good of the EU and no one else. We need to get back control of our infrastructure, without doing so we cannot build the  strong economic future that Cameron, Miliband and useless Clegg insist is achievable.


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