The Daily Mail, that bastion of common decency and half truth, has taken upon itself to vilify the father of Ed Miliband. I sense a deeper agenda here, either that or gross stupidity and arrogance from the Editor of the Mail, Paul Dacre. For someone who promotes conservatism with a capital ‘C’, he has just given labour one Hell of a boost. Could it be that he is yearning for his own youth when, as he freely admits, he had strong Left-wing feelings?

Should we be worried by Mr Dacre’s actions? Well, yes! He is an autocrat who runs his newspaper with a rod of iron. Worse, if you read reports of people who have fallen foul of this man, he can be tyrannical and will have no qualms whatsoever in using his newspaper to bully people into submission. At a time when the Press and, media in general are under minute scrutiny this man has given ‘Hacked Off’ and Leveson credence. A truly free press is essential, in my view, for a balanced Democracy, rogue Editors not only damage the concept of a free press they also tear at the fabric of a Democratic society. If newspaper editors are that desperate to sell column inches that they have to trawl through sixty or seventy tears of a deceased person’s history in order to find the thoughts of an adolescent and then exploit those thoughts in the name of, “The Right To Know”, then I think that the press in this country has hit an all time low! The owners of the Mail need to get a grip and rein this man in!

Meanwhile, as an aside to the Tory backslapping fest, sorry conference….
Lord Heseltine, having been given day-release from the ‘Tory Twilight Home For The Bewildered’, attacks UKIP and accuses the membership of being racist. Oh dear! It must be a really slow news-day when notice is taken of an aging idiot who has forgotten which side of his Horlicks cup to drink from. This is the man who threw his dummy out of the pram over Westland and then brought down Margaret Thatcher in a fit of pique. He, like Dacre, is a maniacal autocrat whose advanced years have not dimmed his narcissistic temperament. However, it does prove Nigel Farage right when he stated that the Tories are running scared of UKIP. I wonder which other aged Tory Don or Dame will be let loose on an unsuspecting public in their efforts to disparage the United Kingdom Independence Party? Thankfully, probably their best asset of this ilk, Anne Widdecomb, has too much dignity to enter such an unseemly arena.

Call Me Dave has told the party faithful that only he and the motley crew he surrounds himself with can save the country from financial ruin. Only he can be trusted to deliver a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. Only he can deliver prosperity, jobs and put the pride back into Britain. Sorry Dave but we heard all of that last week from ‘Wibbly Wobbly Ed’. Here was I, sitting in my armchair, thinking that Ed was the ‘Chosen One’ and then along you come to upset the apple cart. Are you going to ditch ‘Negative Nick’ and do a deal with ‘Wibbly Wobbly’? I’m not sure that I am ready for any more acronyms, we already have ‘LibConDem’, what are you proposing now, joining with Labour? That is the impression you give as you are both, seemingly, singing off the same hymn sheet. What would we have then, Con Lab, LabCon or, simply CABAL. Whatever, give the great British public a month or so and they will revert back to the opinion that all politicians are the same and, who can blame them given the abysmal record of the Tories, Labour and the fractious LibDems.

There, in a nutshell, you have the reason why people are turning to UKIP. It’s not about immigration, racism, or bigotry, it’s about ‘LIES’. The people of this country are sick to death of political lies. They are sick to death of negative reporting, biased viewpoints and silly political games being played out in the press and media. The kids of today must wonder who the grown-ups really are! If UKIP are to learn anything from this, other than ‘not doing their dirty laundry in public’ it should be that newspapers are animal and are apt to bite off the hand that feeds them. When not doing that however, they are second to none at digging up dirt for their political masters and smearing whoever poses a threat to their perceived status quo. Members of UKIP beware, if the father and, by implication, Wibbly Wobbly Ed can be seen as fair targets for irresponsible journalism what chance members of the United Kingdom Independence Party?

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