The United Kingdom Independence Party.

Say it out loud;


Imagine if Alex Salmond gets his way next year. Will we have to call ourselves ‘The Kingdom Party’? I ask because this is a serious issue, much more serious than our politicians would have you believe. Breaking up the Union plays into the hands of the EU but in real terms would give the Scots very little indeed. The SNP are banking on the oil and gas reserves under the North Sea being their salvation coupled with the opportunity to exploit sustainable energy from wind and wave power on the Western Isles.

We should also realise that in David Cameron we have a committed Europhile first and a Conservative second. It wasn’t for nothing that he gave Salmond the unexpected gift of a Scottish referendum; something you will notice he has baulked from south of the border. He is playing to the tune of his EU Ringmasters and following the script as laid down by Common Purpose. You may think this to be paranoia on my part but, with the prospect of a strong showing for the United Kingdom Independence Party at this May’s EU elections, are you surprised that he had a trump card up his sleeve.

Now, I realise that the Scots may decide to cock a snoop at Mr Salmond and stay with the Union. In which case we live to fight another day against a ghastly federation of unelected tyrants.

That said, we should not be complacent and believe that Cameron won’t have another trick up his sleeve. Labour, under Blair and, later, Brown set the seeds of ‘apathy’ within the electorate and opened the floodgates to allow mass unchecked immigration thus giving the electorate something to concentrate on other than the main issues of the day. A clever ploy and one which Cameron has grasped with both slimy hands.

Has immigration been checked?


Do Labour and Conservative politicians see this as a way of getting their members elected into the European Parliament?


Do people believe that all politicians are the same?


Do people believe that nothing will change no matter who gets elected?


Apathy. Cleverly introduced by New Labour and equally cleverly fostered by the Coalition.

This is what Cameron and his cohorts across the Channel hope will be the catalyst for the destruction of the United Kingdom. Apathy also breeds extremism and this is what Salmond is preying on. Take Nigel Farage’s visit to Scotland last year, extremists completely undermined the democratic rights of the United Kingdom Independence Party to have a say in politics north of the border and Salmond – no surprise, gave them his full backing. Helped of course by the totally biased reporting of the insidious BBC.

My point is, whilst the majority remain apathetic the extremist minority go out and steal the vote thus sealing the fate of the Nation.

Britain needs to wake up and wake up quickly otherwise there will be no Britain, Great or otherwise! It is a sad fact that destruction is always more attainable from within than from without. It is any wonder then, that the present incumbents of the Houses of Commons and Lords are so derisory of anyone who is against the Scottish referendum or, the European Union? It is also no surprise that the Scottish referendum was set for 2014, the same year as the EU Parliamentary elections. How better to disrupt any argument against staying in the EU than by serving up a fait-a-complit should Salmond win?

England & Wales

The map above shows the stark reality of such a scenario. We would lose our North Sea fishing grounds. One could argue that we already have because of EU policy but, it goes deeper than that and is far more serious. We have always been a maritime nation. One that was both admired and feared throughout the World. This hasn’t been true since the second World war but, none-the-less, we have always been able to pride ourselves on our ability for seafaring. Scottish Independence would deprive England of nearly two thirds of the Territorial Waters it now commands as a United Kingdom. This would have a drastic effect on England’s ability to protect itself from a seaborne attack. The Scots will not have sufficient funds to build a strong Naval force nor, I suspect, do they have any desire to. Any attack through Scotland would leave our Northern borders vulnerable.

Salmond and his Nationalists see no further than an Independent Scotland. a Scotland financed by the oil and gas reserves in the North Sea and integration into the EU. Here he has two problems. The oil and gas reserves are mainly off the shores of the Isles. Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides, Shetland and Orkney have a stronger allegiance to Norway than to Scotland and would probably want no part of Salmond’s idea of Utopia, preferring instead to profit form the North Sea themselves. So too the Hebrides, especially if the other Isles get their own way.

Then we have the EU, Brussels has already stated that an independent Scotland would have to apply for membership of the European Union and there is no guarantee that such an application would be accepted. Also we have the matter of currency. What would Salmond use and what would he base his currency on?

This is an ill thought out plan and one which could come back to bite both Cameron and Salmond whichever way the vote goes next year. I happen to hold a lot of faith in the Scottish people and fully expect them to vote ‘NO’. However one should never for one minute discount the duplicitous traits of Cameron. Don’t forget that he will have the full weight of the EU behind him and should a NO vote be tabled you can fully expect him to grant another referendum within two years.


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