Writing a blog should, I am told, get easier. The more you write, the more you want to write and words will cascade from fingertips to the page. Of late I have found this to be false. Why? Mainly because my interests go deeper than just one subject and, therein lies my problem. I sit down, fingers poised over my keyboard, ready to rant about the latest injustice to break the tranquility of Philbo Towers when; wham! Another shot across the bows!

It is not a paucity of subject matter which is preventing me from posting what was once a weekly blog but a paucity of concentration. The past month has been alive with controversy both home and abroad and I ought to have been able to sift at least four or, maybe five decent posts from it. For not doing so, I apologise and offer this humble post as a gesture of contrition.


It would appear to some in the great Russian Republic that we, in Britain, are not only ‘Little Englandersbut ‘Little Islanders’, as well. Apparently we have become so insignificant on the World stage that we no longer afford the attention of such luminaries as  Vladimir Putin, Francois Hollande or even the diminutive Barak (that’s my real name) Obama.

Our beleaguered, thin-lipped Prime Minister sits in his designated chair at the G8 Summit in St Petersburg, face reddened by days of  bad press and International ridicule, hopelessly scanning the room for someone to talk to. The media, ever ready to kick one of their own when they are down, pounced upon Dave at the earliest convenience and asked:

Would you like to comment on what Mr Putin said about Great Britain?”

Dave screwed up his well-scrubbed face in order to get the correct shade of indignant red upon his Eton cheeks and replied:

“I refute that!”

What no-one came back with was, refute what? The fact that Putin said it or, the fact that in his (Dave’s) opinion the statement was untrue.

As good a politician as he may be, Cameron is like a fish out of water when it comes to the big stage. The problem he has and, the problem that previous British Prime Ministers have, is that they try too hard to emulate Margaret Thatcher. They forget the axiom that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. By that I mean, men and women tackle problems in a totally different way.

She, (Mrs Thatcher) got out her favoured blinkers and tackled problems head on. Men, to her, were a weak link in her chain of command but, being the woman she was, she would not allow any other woman to share her vision so she went where instincts lead.

Blair, to the disgust of many in his party, traded on her legacy mistaking the folly of a woman scorned for warmongering and Cameron is trying to do the same.

Sadly, they both lacked, (lack in Cameron’s case) the dedication to the UK that she had. Blair has made his vast fortune out of the misery of others, his fortune being where his true focus always lay. Cameron is dedicated to the EU and no matter how many lies he tells or facts he spins, the transparency of his quest is open for all to see. Pity then that his clarity was flawed when he attempted to get Parliament to agree to go to war against Syria.

Rarely have I seen a leading politician orchestrate and then talk his way into defeat in the manner upon which Cameron did.

His problem now that he has alienated the United States and given Russia cause for scorn is that he has nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. By sucking up to the EU and the USA he has all but severed relations with the Commonwealth and he will have the Queen to thank when these wounds are healed and good relations are restored.

If, as he says, his passion is Human Rights and redressing the suffering caused to others, why isn’t he advocating sending troops to Zimbabwe? Or, Myanmar (formerly Burma)? He is willing to send money, which only serves to prop up the despots ruling these countries but is not so keen to either criticise or condemn the vile practices and atrocities inflicted upon the people under the brutal boot of these regimes.

Zimbabwe used to be known as the ‘bread basket’ of Africa. It is now one of the poorest nations in the World. The leader of this once rich nation is amongst one of the richest people in the World. Mugabe and his gang of thugs have raped, pillaged, plundered and murdered in order to keep power. Cameron says he deplores what is going on there but refuses to do anything about it except, that is, flood the accounts of Mugabe with hard earned British taxpayers money.

In South Africa, white people are being sadistically tortured and murdered by the indigenous people while the South African government turns a blind eye. Is Cameron advocating British intervention there? I think we all know the answer to that.

In Britain we have a lot to be proud of, we have a proud history and have helped shape the modern World. What we do not have a lot of is wealth. The Empire brought this country immense wealth, most of which was squandered on war. Another lesson not learned from history. I am not in any way a pacifist and I realise that sometimes you have to stand up and say enough is enough when you see blatant injustice. Gassing your own people is a blatant act and it is right that the World condemn such an act but to go to war for it; that is a whole new ball game.

There is probably a hidden agenda in this battle of wills between East and West. The Russians hold a monopoly in natural gas distribution to Europe. A project that brings in billions in revenue to the Russian Exchequer. The small Arab Kingdom of Qatar is sitting on probably the largest  field of natural gas in the World and has plans for a pipeline to Turkey. If this goes ahead Mr Putin will have lost his leverage over Europe. Obama will become the saviour of the West while American companies will reap a rich reward from the gas fields.

Apart from his inherited hatred of the British and all things British this gives a clue as to why Obama was keen to bankrupt BP over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Notice that Exon is still flourishing, a company with a record for environment safety as good as Obama’s promises on health reform.

However, back to Cameron. here is a man who, in his head at least, is on a mission. His whole term in office has been a delusion, one perpetuated by him and fuelled by the sycophants he has put around himself. His mission, as he sees it, is to save the World from itself and in doing so build a better future for our offspring. All very noble if you have the tools with which to carry out your dreams.

When Cameron came into Office the country was, for all intents and purposes, bankrupt! Insidious Labour had emptied the piggy bank and retired, laughing, to the Back Benches. One of his first acts as Prime Minister was to declare that he and his Chancellor would put the economy at the forefront of his priorities and then promptly borrowed billions of £s in order to give it away to foreign despots. In the name of fiscal unity, after all, lets face it, we are all in this together, he and his Cabinet have systematically beggared the poorest in our society whilst making the rich richer. A lack of vision and policies which were not well thought out have ensured that Britain has taken longer than was necessary to gain economic growth. He would have made an excellent Labour Prime Minister.

On the World stage he promises much but in reality can deliver very little. Why? Because he has no money and an under strength Armed Forces with a moral lower than a snakes belly. All his own doing because in his efforts to get the economy back on track he has sold his soul to the Devil. In a case reminiscent of wiping your arse before you have a shit, he sells off our Harrier jump jets and then commissions an aircraft carrier designed to take them with no replacement VTOL aircraft on the horizon for years to come. This has left the Royal Navy in the embarrassing position of having to share an aircraft carrier with France plus spending some of their budget on French lessons.

It is an absolute farce and contributes to the lack of respect shown to Cameron and Britons in general on the World stage.

The ‘Walter Mitty’ of British politics needs to take an early bath along with his cohorts and the entire Opposition. Between them they have flooded the country with foreign nationals, lost control of our borders, given all our power, laws and decision making over to the EU and told lie upon lie in order to cover up their misdeeds.

If the people of this country want to get the pride back that was once abundant in every British person we first have to take control of our country. I do not advocate revolution, I say do it through the ballot box. I have heard and read comment by members of the United Kingdom Independence Party saying that it takes time to change the face of politics in this country. Some also say that you have to support the opposition in some areas in order to keep such and such a Party out. No, you do not! You have to have the courage of your convictions and you have to go out onto the streets, into the communities, into the pubs, on peoples doorsteps and show people that there is an alternative to partisan politics. Sitting back in the hope that someone else will do it is to give Cameron, Clegg and Miliband another term in Office.

Shrug off the Labour induced apathy, look about you, see what a mess over twenty years of Conservative and Labour policies have done to your communities and to the country. Demand change and if it is not forthcoming, force it through using the ballot box.

Never again give some jumped up Russian Vodka taste-tester cause to say that we live on a small island of no significance who’s views can be ignored. I blame Cameron for that, his posturing from a weak political position has left this country weak and made us all look stupid.


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