Yes, ‘squabble yea not!’ As the late great Frankie Howard might say when in character as Lercio, the slave to a Roman nobleman.There seems to be a lot of ‘lurking’ going on in the Labour Party of late. From the House of Lords to the Shadow Front Benches the lurking and furkling and back-stabbing and under-mining and general disillusionment of the Leadership abounds

Lord Bassam of Brighton, The Labour Whip in the House of Lords, said that the Conservatives have gone a long way towards making Britain a more elitist, more divided, less fair society. Adding that only the Labour Party can challenge this.

Bear in mind that this ermine-clad freeloader is the same Mr Bassam who, in his younger years, thought nothing of occupying other peoples property in the name of ‘squatting’. He even went so far as to found the Squatters Union which campaigned for the rights of Squatters to accommodate empty properties and improve the condition of squats. I’m sure that all those people who owned properties which stood empty, for whatever reason, and had to go to the trouble and expense of evicting this urban parasite, welcomed Mr Bassam and his hairy friends with open arms.

It is this ‘I haven’t got so I’ll take’, attitude which is still rife in the Labour Party today. Far from being frowned upon by those at the top, unfortunately this now includes the ermine-clad Bassam, it would appear that ‘doing as you please, when you please’, is Labour policy.

A case in point is the deluded Shadow Minister for Borders and Immigration, Chris Bryant. When in power it pleased the Labour party to flood Great Britain with immigrants from the European Continent. Even though they were supposed to represent us and manage our welfare, the Labour Party of the day showed little concern for the average Briton, their welfare or, the country for which they took an oath to defend.

Mr Bryant had the audacity to castigate Tesco and Next for employing cheap Eastern European labour in their shops and distribution centres. This from a man whose party is to blame for the surfeit of foreign labour. A party which deliberately abdicated its duty on border control whilst at the same time making it, not only easy, but acceptable for the ethnic British unemployed to continue living off the State as well as any foreigner who could lie and cheat his way into the country. Safe in the knowledge that “New Labour” would turn a blind eye.

It is debatable whether Chris Bryant is naïve or just chronically deluded. He actually believes that the Labour Party has been delivering a strong and coherent message and that there is still time for them to win over the Electorate before the next General Election. Has he not noticed the disarray amongst Labour MP‘s which stretches from the House of Lords to the Opposition Front Benches? Tesco’s Essex depot was said to be in Kent by the hapless Bryant but then what would you expect from a man who publicly stated that ‘he is quite used to being a disappointment’?

Equally as disappointing are the Tories, especially with their handling (mishandling) of Gibraltar and the Falklands. Have we got any politicians with backbone in this country? Haigue is threatening Spain with legal action, Spain is threatening to put Hague on the ‘naughty step’! What a complete and utter farce. The Tories are big on talk but show a paucity of action. They have reduced our Armed Forces so drastically that if Fiji threatened to invade us we would have to negotiate a hand over of power.

All Parties along with the Left-loving BBC, The Guardian and the Mirror had the nerve to castigate Godfrey Bloom last week for the comments he made concerning Foreign Aid. Yes he probably could have chosen his words better but his reasoning through straight talking was spot on. How can you justify £1bn per month on foreign aid when the police in this country are reduced to giving food to shoplifters instead of a custodial sentence because people are starving.

Yes, its 2013 and people in Great Britain are starving! What is the Government response? More cuts, mainly to people who have the least. Plus, (what a great initiative this) they are going to spend £m’s so that one in five of us will swop our cars for a bicycle. I’m sure that, that will help the old age pensioners this winter who will not only not be able to afford a decent meal but they will not be able to afford to heat their homes either!

Still, if worse comes to worse, a good bike ride will soon warm them up!   


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