It is very easy to criticise single parents for choosing to stay at home to look after their children instead of putting them into childcare while they (the parent) go out to work. After all, when they were in Office, Labour seemed to actively encourage young women to use their wombs as a means of State income.  I am sure that this was not the intention of the Labour Government but, there was an obvious lack of urgency to stop the practice. It was far easier to use the well oiled propaganda machine to vilify anyone who complained about the, then, government’s paucity of regulation in that area.

Where the Labour Party pruned away at their so-called ‘flagship policies’ in order to fine tune them for the needs of modern Britain, the Coalition came charging in, sabres aloft and  savagely cut and hacked at policies without thought or, reason. Then, they had the audacity to blame the very poorest in our society for the ills of the Welfare State and promptly set about making the poor even poorer!

Now they have come up with an even more ludicrous scheme; a taxpayer funded plan to help with childcare costs. To be introduced in 2015 at a cost of £1bn it will be worth up to £1,200 per child per annum. The plan is that for every 80p put into the scheme by parents, the government will put in 20p to an annual limit of £1,200. Guess who benefits? Correct, those who are financially secure. The families where both parents are working and Mummy takes the brood to the nursery in her ‘Chelsea tractor’.  Apparently around 2.5 million households will benefit from this voucher scheme, even those whose combined earnings are as much as £300,000 per annum will benefit.

One parent families, who number roughly 1.2 million will not, unsurprisingly, be eligible for help. The lucky lower income families who struggle to make ends meet and find that in order to do this they both have to work will be included in the scheme. They will get a whopping 85% of their childcare costs met. The Coalition; generous to a fault.

Remember, this is a government of fiscal responsibility, a government which is not afraid to tackle the big issues, a government which will reverse the tide of economic wrongdoing brought about by New Labour and embark Britain upon a fiscal tsunami of greatness. What a load of fiscal cobblers! Freezing child benefit between 2011 – 2014 has saved Osborne nothing in real terms, in fact it will cost the Treasury £500,000,000 per year because the saving will not be £2.5bn as envisaged but less at around £2bn. Costing the Treasury is, Civil Servant Speak for we will have to raise taxes to get it back. This is just another case  whereby the government is playing with figures to the detriment of the many for the benefit of the few. Child benefit worked, yes there were those who abused the system but what was needed was better policing of the system and not the fake radical overhaul, which is what the Coalition plan to do before putting the voucher scheme into place in 2015. Looking at the figures, there will be no real saving at all, more like a £1bn overspend on a system which was working fine.

Message to IDS and Osborne; we are not all stupid! Tweaking a spreadsheet to get the result that you want is not a radical overhaul. It is called fudging the figures! Further, it is obvious that you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. The tragedy of all this is the plight of the poorest in our society. Those who, in Cameron’s words, are the real strivers. Those who, because of the loss of control of our borders and the resultant influx of unskilled labour, are forced to take low paid jobs in companies who themselves are overburdened by costly red-tape and EU diktats. I will agree that some of the employers out there are taking an unfair advantage with people who are desperate for jobs but, you will find that many small business people fall into the low pay bracket themselves.

The country needs a fresh approach which is why people are turning to the United Kingdom Independence Party. They have not got all of the answers but at least they are honest enough to stand up and say so and, in the same breath, tell you what they intend to do about that. Where they have answers people are pleased to discover that the UKIP approach to problems is a sensible approach. No fudge, no gobbledegook, no spin, just plain old common sense that everyone can understand. At the moment, what people do not understand is why the rich have been allowed to become even more rich on the backs of the people who only want an honest days work for an honest days pay?!

Osborne and Duncan-Smith insist that their ways are fair to all. Correct me if I am wrong but, isn’t being “fair to all” a Communist doctrine? We live in a Democracy whereby the “majority” view is the important and over-ruling factor. The “majority” of people in this country are poor, in fact we now have a record high for homelessness, Government figures show the number of people sleeping rough in England has increased by a third since 2010. That said, it cannot possibly be right that the top earners will be entitled to financial support for childcare while those who are struggling to earn a living will find it even more difficult after 2015.

£1bn is a lot of money to allocate to a hair-brained scheme, which can only benefit the rich at a time when this country is hemorrhaging money like a rusty sieve. I would say to Call me Dave and his useless Cabinet; stop tweaking the figures, start patching up the leaks and for once in your miserable lives stand by your Election Pledges!


One thought on “OBAMACARE; UK STYLE?

  1. Handler1977 August 5, 2013 / 4:04 pm

    Majority of the homeless explosion are ex-servicemen and women who have been thrown on the scrapheap who can not get social housing, can not get a job, and if your homeless you can not get any benefits as you need a permanent address to claim. Catch 22.


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