Sarah Palin is back with a bang! The pit bull who wears lipstick has put Obama firmly in his place. Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference she  criticised the US Governments decision to send arms to the rebels in Syria, arguing that America should let Allah sort it out until there is a stronger leader in the Whitehouse.

Palin’s actual words at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference on Saturday were, quote:

‘Militarily, where is our commander in chief? We’re talking now more new interventions. I say until we know what we’re doing, until we have a commander and chief who knows what he’s doing, well, let these radical Islamic countries who aren’t even respecting basic human rights, where both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, “Allah Akbar,” I say until we have someone who knows what they’re doing, I say let Allah sort it out,’ 

She was echoing the sentiments of Nigel Farage, leader of The United Kingdom Independence Party, who stated on BBC Question Time that we, (the UK) should not be joining America and sending arms to Syrian rebels. As he said, from Blair onwards we seem to have been going to war with glee without first thinking of the long-term consequences. He was also fearful that if we supply arms to the rebels they might, one day, turn those same weapons on British soldiers.

We in the West, and I have stated this before, have a poor record when it comes to learning from history. The Middle East is a good case in point. British involvement in various conflicts in that region have not been the success that our leaders have assured us that they would be. Aden and the United Arab Emirates are in a state of political unrest, Egypt is still in a volatile position internally, so too is Libya. Iraq is a time-bomb waiting to go off and Afghanistan is rapidly becoming the UK’s Vietnam.

Our idiot of a Prime Minister, the man responsible for cutting our Armed Forces down to a state of virtual ineffectiveness, has declared a desire to arm the Syrian rebels in order to create a ‘level playing field”. For Christ’s sake! We are not embarking on a cricket match here, poking our noses in could have very serious consequences for Britain.

His scant regard for the opinions of the British public is legion. This was proved last week when he got together with William Hague and American Secretary of State John Kerry to ‘ambush’ Obama and persuade him to side with Cameron in his desire to arm the Syrian rebels. Not only was Obama persuaded, they also convinced him to hold talks with President Putin of Russia during the G8 conference about the Syrian conflict. The message will be clear, rein in Assad or America will!

What planet is Cameron on? Inciting Obama to bully Putin and, presumably China, Assad’s other ally, into submission over Syria is a stroke of genius. One rarely found in anyone who isn’t on day-release from a mental facility. Once Putin and the Chinese have stopped laughing, both Cameron and Obama will be told, in very un-diplomatic terms, where to go!

This begs the much bigger question. Why ally yourself to a man whom you have persuaded to take on the two most powerful nations in the World when he wont even back you over the Falkland Islands? Guess who is going to be standing all alone carrying the proverbial can?

Sarah Palin and Nigel Farage have got it absolutely right. It is nothing to do with us, it will only escalate into something even bigger if we intervene and we, the United Kingdom, have not got the resources for another conflict on foreign soil. We have massive problems at home, both economically and socially. Trying to deflect them using the possibility of foreign conflict is the politics of a fool!



  1. Marie June 16, 2013 / 11:51 pm

    Why is she a pitull? all my dealing with pitbulls have fopund tehm to be lovable sooks, or is this what ur calling her?A better description would be a chihauah, makes a lot of noise and like to attack things bigger then them


    • philbo62 June 17, 2013 / 12:22 am

      Her own words. “What’s the difference between a pit bull and a soccer mom? Lipstick!


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