Our thin-lipped Prime Minister, David – Call Me Dave – Cameron, drew the aforesaid labiis across his manicured teeth , took to the lectern; from where he looked furtively about the room, then, launched into a speech of pure theatre.

Since the birth of good old Ted Heath as Prime Minister, the self-serving politicians of this country have been embracing ‘globalisation’. A point lost on witless Dave. He decided that embracing ‘globalisation’ was purely a trait of the last Labour Government. The fact that outside his personal bubble Tory and LibDem politicians are following Labour’s example seems to have entirely escaped him.

Cameron stated; ‘a single market of 500 million in Europe would be a huge advantage in this World if it worked properly and was not bureaucratic.’ He then went on to tell the assembled faithful that, “Mass, uncontrolled immigration and large bureaucracies like the EU were having a huge impact on our way of life in a way no one voted for.”

No shit, Sherlock!

Bemoaning, as he did, a political class too easily seduced by the rewards of globalisation whilst not being alert to the risks was his way of distancing himself from the recent lobbying scandal. The Bilderberg invite, weighing heavy, in his wallet did not phase him at all.

He claimed that the UK’s membership of the UN, the Commonwealth, NATO, the World Trade Organisation, the G8, the G20 and the EU was not a matter of ‘national vanity’ but that it was in our National interest. This is complete rubbish. The man obviously believes that all but he are ignorant of the ways of the World. As of 2011 the UK was 10th in the WTO league of exporters and 6th in the WTO league of importers. Hardly the ‘top table’ material that deluded Dave insists we are.

He is still adamant that staying in the EU is vital to the UK whilst totally ignoring the fact that Britain leaving the EU would not affect our status within the Commonwealth, Nato, the G8 or G20. Further, as Nigel Farage pointed out, our membership of the UN Security Council is being threatened by our continued membership of the EU which wishes to Europeanise the post. As far as being at the ‘top table’ of the WTO, as Dimwit Dave insists is the UK’s  proper place, we don’t even have our own independent representation. At the moment we are represented by Karel de Gucht the Belgian EU Commissioner.

Back in the ‘Tory Twilight Home For The Bewildered’ the diehards, including Dimwit Dave, still insist that we need a stall in the global marketplace. Weirdly, they still think this is attainable as well keeping us in the insidious EU. A total own goal! This Prime Minister is a liability and his witless attitude to the EU is going to destroy this country. We have a long tradition of trading overseas, we have had to because we are an island nation.

All, sadly, lost on the Tories. The only thing that they and the equally insidious Labour Party have been successful at importing is unskilled labour.

Cameron has set three goals:

  1. Creating a World class education system.
  2. Reforming the Benefit System.
  3. Re-balancing the debt-fueled economy.

Even if he was compos mentis  he would find that difficult. The education system has been systematically destroyed by successive Governments since the late 1950’s. The present incumbents of the Palace of Westminster cannot even work out their own expenses let alone devise a workable education curriculum suitable for the 21st century. Gove is good but he is up against an ever militant NUT and Labour and LibDem Parties in denial.

The Benefit System, ‘the wishing well of the loony Left!’ Short of abolishing it he has no chance of reform there. The LibDems will block real reform and the Labour Party will repeal any reforms should they get back in office. Just more rhetoric from a weak Prime Minister.

Re-balancing the debt-fueled economy? Good luck there! He does not have a hope in Hell while we belong to the EU. With over £50 million a day going in their coffers for a start, where does he expect to make savings? He can’t, is the simple answer. The infrastructure needs rebuilding, business needs to re-grow, more investment in small and medium size businesses is required. The banking system is still in a mess and needs sorting out. All this takes money and the only way to get it is to borrow it so, expect the deficit to stay roughly where it is. Yes, they will massage the figures but, in real terms, nothing will change unless they get off this perilous road to fiscal suicide.

Cameron made great play on the future of our children. Sound-bite after sound-bite as he wound up his speech. That, unfortunately, is all they were, sound-bites. Until we get rid of LibLabConDem completely our children have no prospect of a meaningful future. UKIP may not have all of the answers at the moment but at least they are honest enough to admit it. They are also more in tune with the General Public than the present crop of self-serving career MP’s.

Our children’s future prosperity lies in a common sense approach to the way this country is Governed. Whom amongst the three, so called, Main Parties has such common sense. Maybe quite a few of them but they are too cowed by the Party Whips to go against the mainstream and their retirement pots.

We all know which Party is the Party of common sense and in the next eighteen months we need to show our common sense by putting them into a position of power. Until we do, expect more of the same “one Party politics” because that is what we will get as LibLabConDem are all the same.




















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