As this Coalition is completely transparent we must assume that when William Hague insists that, quote; ‘the Law abiding British public has nothing to fear from GCHQ,‘ he is obviously telling the truth.

He went further, by denying the eavesdropping agency has been using a controversial US internet monitoring programme to dodge tough legal checks on their activities. Obviously another truth.

Well, Willy boy, I think the game is up. Evidenced by your refusal to confirm or deny details of GCHQ’s links to the ‘Prism’ spy scheme. You wonder why people are turning in their droves to UKIP when you and Cameron are in cahoots with Obama and his nefarious schemes, all in the name of ‘National Security’. Not so much, transparency as duplicity.

If this is your idea of clarity, you definitely need a new window cleaner.

Another quote from Hague the Vague;

“As someone who knows GCHQ very well… the idea that in GCHQ people are sitting working out how to circumvent a UK law with another agency in another country is fanciful. It is nonsense.”

I have news for you mate, I have heard of an agency on another continent which is always circumnavigating British Law. Its called the EU and you along with Call Me Dave are 100% complicit in supporting that!

Not only that but, as we all know only too well, within the terms of this one-sided ‘special relationship’ with the US, if they require a change in UK Law to suit their needs then you and your Legislators will move Heaven and Earth to comply.

You must be seriously deluded if you believe that we, the British public, are going to fall for any more lies from this Government. You even had a ‘get out of jail free, card’ . President Blair; sorry Prime Minister Blair set the ball rolling on this dodgy little arrangement if I am not mistaken,  so you could have off-loaded all of the criticism onto Labour.

Probably would have been a wise choice of action because, being so transparent, means people can see right through you!

It is turning out to be another bad week for the Coalition. The Chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee, Mr Tim Yeo, finds himself embroiled in the lobbying scandal. Quite rightly, he has referred himself to Parliament’s Standards Committee.

The questions I want an answers to though, are these.

Have newspapers now turned from phone hacking to ‘sting’ operations in order to get a good story?

Is this practice not as insidious and underhand?

Also, could it not be classed as ‘entrapment’ and therefore, be against the Law?

Murky waters indeed but you would expect modern-day Parliamentarians to be ever cautious of accepting dinner dates or meetings from people whom they have not met before or of whom they know very little. Sadly, it would appear that the gravy trains and troughs are more of a lure than the welfare of the British people.

Call Me Dave has asked web firms to step up the battle against child pornography. So he should! This filth should be surgically removed from the internet and all subscribers to it should be publicly named and shamed. However, going back to the story of eavesdropping. One would have thought that the disgusting people who peddle this filth would have been rooted out by GCHQ and their details passed on to the Authorities. It begs the question, are they more interested in people who criticise the Government than the perpetrators of real internet crime?


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