The Elephant In The Room!

Immigration. A contentious subject for a member of UKIP to write about mainly because of all of the trolls out there scrutinising every paragraph, sentence and word in the hope of finding something which they can use to beat you with at a later date. However it is a subject which does need to be addressed.

Not least because the ridiculous EU experiment of “multiculturalism” is simply not working. Across Europe and Scandinavia we have civil unrest or the potential for civil unrest.

Even the usually peace loving Swedes took to the streets of their Capital city. Six consecutive nights of rioting has resulted in numerous cars being wrecked and two schools being burned to the ground. Communities torn asunder and the police and emergency services stretched to the limit. The damage running into millions of krona.

I have no problem at all with controlled immigration. Thousands of people leave our shores every year in order to make a better life for themselves and their families on foreign shores. To condemn immigration to the UK by foreign nationals would be akin to condemning British people for leaving the UK.

My problem lies with the policy of  immigration for political gain. The like of which that was cooked up by Messers Blair  and Mandelson and forced upon a gullible British electorate in the guise of multiculturalism. Hemmed in by new Laws, buzzwords and guilt we soon found that we were powerless to stop the flood of immigrants from an ever de-stable Eurozone.

Most of the influx into Britain was unchecked because of an organisation that was a Border Agency in name only. People were coming in on student visas and then disappearing, never to be seen again unless, as frequently happens, they were arrested for a crime of some sort. Some flew in, others walked in having disembarked from a ferry or other maritime vessel, some were just smuggled in. All of them found anonymity within their own communities and were lost to the System.

Then we have the ridiculous situation whereby even the ones who are discovered, for whatever reason that may be, cannot be deported because of EU regulations. Worse still, foreign nationals who have sought and been given asylum in the UK or who are waiting for conformation of such and are later found to be a danger to British security cannot be deported either.

We have had consecutive Governments that seem powerless when it comes to defying the EU and its restrictive Laws and Regulations. The Tories and New Labour have both failed miserably on this issue. Home Secretaries from both Parties have all been strong on rhetoric but weak on action. To hide their collective weakness they bought words to the Public Domain such as, ‘diversity’, ‘citizenship’, ‘integration’, ‘multiculturalism’, homophobia’, ‘racism’, ‘sexism’ all designed to put you on the back foot should you think of complaining.

Ably backed by the bleeding-heart Liberals and the Greens this lexicon of the Left was designed to stifle debate and bring ‘Joe Public” to heel. Unfortunately for them, a certain Mr Nigel Farage threw his dummy out of the pram and kicked the lexicon into touch. He, like a crusading Messiah, said, quite rightly, that it was alright to talk about immigration. He even had the temerity to suggest that we in Britain should have controlled immigration.

“Racist”! “Fascist”! The left screamed the insults from the rooftops but people had stopped listening. Instead they were questioning. LibLabConDem do not like questions, especially when people demand real answers and not the gobbledegook that they had been used to. People were actually listening to Mr Farage and saying to themselves that what they were hearing was common sense. Not having heard any common sense from the lips of British politicians for as long as anyone could remember, it took a few years for Mr Farage’s message to get through.

Suddenly the whole question of why we need to be in the EU was being asked as well. The policy of treating people like mushrooms and feeding them crap was no longer working. The Electorate was waking up! Why do we have mass unemployment? Why do we have no core industries? Why do we have no infrastructure? Why are the county’s utilities owned by foreign companies? Why have the Coalition decimated our Armed Forces? When are we going to have a referendum?

All questions that the Government and Opposition are reluctant to answer and the reason for this palpable reluctance is that instead of pleasing the people who put them in a position of trust they would sooner please their paymasters in the EU.

So, what of the question of immigration? Well, until we come out of the useless, self-serving behemoth that is the EU and free ourselves of its restrictive shackles, nothing will be done. Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats are not only too weak willed to tackle the EU it would not be in their collective interests to to so.

Over the following eighteen months we will be bombarded with massaged facts and figures all showing the positive benefits for Britain to stay in the EU. The little piggies will all leave their troughs, wash their faces and present themselves in front of a camera near you. Preferably a BBC camera because the leaders want their brand of truth to be aired to the General Public without any questions being asked.

Don’t be fooled. We have had over fifteen years of EU regulation and strangulation. We need to free ourselves and the only way to do that is to ignore the ‘three-party’ gravy train and its propaganda and be bold enough to vote for real change and freedom.

Properly controlled immigration is healthy for Britain which should give you a clue as to why Britain is at its unhealthiest for decades!


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