Looking and listening to the news reports today one has to wonder at the mentality of some of, “the few” in our society and their reaction at the death of a lady politician. Not just that but, at the Left wing elite who fuel the outrage felt, justifiably or not, by these people.

I and my sister grew up with parents who were staunch Labour voters. My dad worked at one of the local collieries and my Mum worked as a farm labourer. That’s right, in the industrial West Midlands, my Mum worked as a farm labourer.

Politics was never discussed with us children but it was always assumed that we would automatically vote Labour. Just before I joined the Royal Navy I asked my dad why I should vote Labour to which he replied,

“Bloody stupid question, Labour look after the likes of you and me, always has done. You’re a worker, you vote Labour”.

That was my political education. Eighteen months later when I was asked by the Navy where I wanted my proxy vote to go, I replied Labour. Four years after that I changed my proxy to Conservative and voted that way until the year 2000. Why did I change? To me it was a no-brainer, having worked alongside dockyard workers in several Naval dockyards. I saw skilled men and, don’t get me wrong, there were some really skilled artisans (both old school and new) working in the dockyards during the sixties and seventies. To see these men being forced by their Unions to either strike, work-to-rule or be  put on a go-slow was saddening. The last straw for me was when they – the Unions – tried to close down the Naval Dockyards with strike action and the associate picket lines.

I gave up a good apprenticeship when I volunteered to join the Royal Navy. Completely my choice and totally against the wishes of my parents. Once they realised that I would not change my mind they signed to authorise me joining. Even at the tender age of sixteen I was proud of Great Britain, proud of its achievements and full of optimism for the future. Most of all I wanted to be in the Navy and I wanted to serve my country.

This leads me back to working alongside dockyard workers and my decision to defect to the Conservatives. Given my pride and eagerness to serve for Queen and country I found it hard to believe and even harder to stomach, that men (civvies; as we called them) some of whom had been in the Service themselves, could be lead, like sheep, and kick the country in the teeth. Especially when we were in the middle of a ‘Cold War’ and under constant threat – real or imagined – from the USSR. I saw it as being dis-loyal to the Queen and country and equally dis-loyal to the Government who had given them gainful employment.

As far as the Unions go I have to ask. Has anything changed?

Margaret Thatcher came along at a time when the Unions were virtually running the country. Britain was not only the laughing stock of the World but found that the World had lost faith in this country’s ability to deliver. If things were not going the Unions way they would hold the Government to ransom. Being owned by the Unions, the Labour Party toed the line. The Conservatives, on the other hand, spent just over three and a half years in office between 1964 and 1979.

That most of the Union leaders of the day were communists, some were hard-line, should not be disputed. They had an agenda and the will of the British people did not appear on that agenda. Mrs Thatcher was right when she talked about the ‘enemy within’ and she was not only referring to the miners.

So, why is Margaret, Hilda Thatcher so hated by the Left? Why is she held accountable by them for all of the ills which have beset this country since her departure from Office. I think Brendan O’Neill, through his “Opinion” column in The Australian, explains this perfectly.

I quote:

“All the traits in Thatcher that Thatcher-bashers claim to hate can be found in politicians of all persuasion. But it’s only Thatcher’s name that is said with a sneer; who is described as “evil”; who is said to have “poisoned Britain” and permanently changed the British people’s moral make-up through, in the words of The Independent, “implanting the gene of greed in the British soul”. Why?

Because Thatcher-bashing isn’t really linked to anything Thatcher did. Rather, it springs from the failures of the Thatcher-bashers, who have transformed Thatcher into an awesomely powerful, mind-controlling villainess as a way of explaining away their own isolation and disarray.

The ferocious loathing leftists have for Thatcher is directly proportional to the paucity of their influence over people.”

The truth about the coal industry is that since the end of the Second World War it was being heavily subsidised by successive Governments. Harold Wilson closed a total of 290 coal mines during his terms in Office. In fact, during the period 1961 – 1971 a total of 400 uneconomical mines were closed. One politician at the time commented that no more coal could be produced because the Stockpiles were full.

Coal mines were being kept open because the politicians of the day did not have the will to go against the Unions or to admit to the Public the true state of this Nationalised industry. The truth would have been political suicide but, on the other hand, would have saved the country millions of pounds in subsidies.

Like all naughty children and despots who have been put down and shown for what they really are, the Left are licking their wounds and looking around for retribution. It matters not to them who is in the firing line only that they get, what they perceive to be, their revenge.  Mrs Thatcher has given them that golden opportunity.

Would she be worried were she alive? No, not one bit. She is safe in the knowledge that no one before her or after her had the strength of character or the courage to take on the Unions, the economy or Europe. Not only that, she won three consecutive General Elections despite the vitriol thrown at her by the Left and despite the dissent of some of her more cowardly Ministers.

She has, if these idiots take to the streets on the day of her funeral, once again shown them for the contemptible anarchists that they are and will most definitely have the last laugh.


Author: philbo62

Retired businessman, always looking for inspiration and new ideas. Author of two books, writer of poetry.

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