Generous to a Fault:

Margaret Thatcher’s capacity for forgiveness knew no bounds. Even in death she managed to appease the ludicrous left by giving them reason to party. Yes, street parties in her honour have been hastily organised, no doubt with her posthumous blessings, in towns and cities as far apart as Glasgow, Toxteth and Brixton. Her policies and her tight rein on the militant Left gave these latter-day rebel rousers the freedom to parade her name on banners and rejoice.

It wasn’t just in this country, Margaret Thatcher’s beacon shone bright throughout the World. Her gift of the impromptu party spread far and wide, from Germany to France and all the way down the South Atlantic to Argentina. There the streets were filled with joyous revelers, all chanting her name and that of her famous victory.

The woman was magnanimous to a fault. There is likely to be a day of National Mourning, a parade which will transport her coffin to St Paul’s Cathedral and then a televised service. Who else when organising their own funeral would think of the people and give them a day off?

Yet, even this Saintly woman had her detractors. A certain Derek Hatton made a brief appearance on Sky News. Unshaven and looking even shiftier than he did in his younger days, he did his best. That was always Derek’s problem though, as Mrs Thatcher often pointed out, when your best is lacklustre, what’s the point? Then there was the unforgettable Neil Kinnock. He passed on his statement of near condolence through an intermediary. Problem is, I can’t remember what his statement said.

Tony Benn lisped and whistled about not agreeing with anything Mrs T did when in power but conceded that she was formidable. They then wheeled him back into the TUC  Home for the Bewildered  and made him comfortable.

Back in the streets of Glasgow, Toxteth and Brixton the partying goes on. Ironically, most of the partygoers were not born when Mrs T was in office.

Satire aside, It is a sad indictment on the British people that she was allowed to be vilified to the extent that she was. Some of her methods when dealing with the problems facing this country were quite brutal and cannot be condoned. However, before she came to power Great Britain was no longer ‘Great’. She, above all politicians of her day, believed in the country and the people and saw what potential this country had. When her term in Office finally came to an end this country was again “Great”and respected throughout the World.

So, party on people and remember as you burn effigies in her honour in order to keep warm on this cold night. She gave you your freedoms, she stopped the EU from ensnaring you in the Euro. Yes, she did! She dragged your parents kicking and screaming towards the twenty first century and paved the way for you to excel. Without her early insistences and demands in Europe we would be no better than Greece, Portugal, Cyprus or Eire. Her success meant that the likes of Blair and Brown could not give away all that they wanted of this country to the EU.

Her critics will say that Europe was her downfall, I say God Bless you for saving this country from a fate worse than death.

Baroness Thatcher R.I.P


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