The Baron’s Principle Boy:

Talk about a tale of two brothers. Big Dave has sulked off to Tracey Island to join International Rescue leaving his sibling, Little Ed, floundering in his own inadequacies.

The big boys in the Labour playground, those who didn’t want the little upstart to lead them in the first place, are revolting. Just in case some out there take that literally, they are actually revolting against Little Ed’s approach to the  shambles that is the Welfare State. Unlike “Call Me Dave”, who has Big Ideas for The Big Society,  Little Ed has no ideas because he has been sheltered from the nasty society. Not that I am holding “Dave” up as a shining example of political free thinking. He is equally as useless as his opposite number. Both of them have been in terminal denial about the Benefit System and both have had a short, sharp shock!

To quote Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk: “If you’re involved in politics and don’t know anyone who chooses to live on benefits instead of working, you need to get out more”.

Even that old warhorse, Frank Field, has thrown his hat into the ring of dissenters. He, amongst all of the LibDemLabCon shysters, knows what he is talking about. The self-styled Socialist Messiah himself, Tony Blair, tasked poor Frank with finding out what was wrong with the Welfare State after, The Great Unwashed, were conned into putting New Labour into power in 1997. Unfortunately for dear old Frank he came back with the truth. Never a wise thing to do when dealing with Mr Blair. He gathered his trusty acolytes and set about discrediting Frank’s findings, calling them ‘unfathomable’. “Go away and get me a vote winner”.  Ordered Blair, by way of thanks for all Frank’s hard work. Field then felt the full force of a Harperson tantrum and a scathing assault from the one-eyed, Man o’ the Manse, Gordon Brown. How can you ruin, err  run the economy or present Social Security reforms when the Minister for Welfare Reform starts telling the people the truth?

Being an honourable man, Frank had no option but to resign from Office. An act which delighted Blair and his staff in the Office of Mis-information.

Frank’s findings and recommendations are coming back to haunt Parties on both side of the House. To cope with the growing number of people of pensionable age, Field suggested staggering the age of retirement over a set number of years so as to ease people into the mindset of working past the present age limit of 65 years. He could see that a system devised at the beginning of the twentieth century and implemented through the Old-Age Pension Act of 1908 was not fit for the twenty first century. It was neither economically viable or sustainable in its (then) present form. Unfortunately for Frank Field, Mr Blair saw change as a vote loser which is why he promptly shelved the recommendations.

Showing rare insight, albeit kick-started by the tragic deaths of six innocent children, the Tories have stolen a march on Labour where Welfare Reform is concerned. However, don’t be fooled by their claims of ‘Radical Change to the Welfare System’. It simply isn’t the case. Typically, they are calling for a review  which means that they will tinker with the Welfare System if they have to but, hopefully, will put off doing anything about it until after the next General Election in 2015. Okay, they have brought forward some harsh measures but, can they be construed as real reform? I doubt it. In traditional Tory fashion they have reverted back to their old mantra; don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow!

To echo Tony Blair, “It ain’t a vote winner!”

Little Ed is in a bad predicament because he, ever conscious that he is expected to win the next General Election, has decided to do nothing. Nothing that is, that would upset the traditional Labour voter. After all, didn’t New Labour create a situation whereby the feckless could profit from the fruitful? Yes, Ed has apologised for Labour’s mistakes but this is too big for an apology. Too big for  a soundbite, much too big a deal especially with all that went on in Derby.

Frankly, it is just too big for Little Ed!

Never fear, the Barons are here. The self serving Union elite which saw Little Ed into office over his more capable brother have racked up the rhetoric. It is a bit like having Kim Jong-Un in surround sound.

The head of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), Mark Serwotka has warned of discussions about “generalised strike action” aimed at sending a message to the Coalition. Apparently Mr Serwotka’s members are not prepared to accept their lot. During his ‘two minutes of fame’ when interviewed by Sky News he stated that a twenty-four hour strike, involving millions of workers across the economy, would be seen as an incredibly important moment.

I would say, incredibly unimportant, disruptive and annoying. The typical reaction of an overpaid bully who has lost touch with the very people he is tasked to represent.

His “brothers” over at Unite, Britain’s biggest Union, are taking matters further and calling for a “Super Strike” in protest at Coalition cuts. They seem to believe this to be a desirable course of action.

There is an inherent problem with this line of rhetoric however. After the General Strike of 1926 the Government of the day decided that legislation was needed to stop this happening again. So in 1927 they passed the Trade Disputes Act making future general strikes illegal.

After the failure of the 1926 General Strike the membership of the TUC fell by 31%.

Never ones to learn from history – the lefties hate British history by the way – the TUC called on its members to back a motion to consider the practicalities of general strike last year.

The Union Barons are hoping that by issuing such threats the British public will look upon the evil Tories and turncoat LibDems as the real criminals. They naively believe that we, the voting public, will once again turn to Labour for our salvation. It is their last, sad attempt at preventing Little Ed from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


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