Apologies and Corrections:

  • Mr Afriyie:         apologies for confusing you with the Prime Minister.
  • Mr Cameron:      apologies for confusing you with a Prime Minister. 



Dear Dave,


It’s me again, “The ODD ONE”,  I write because you haven’t, as yet, answered my previous letter. I mentioned this to Nigel and he nearly choked on his Capstan Full Strength. Non-the-less, I thought I would try again and helpfully point out a few more of your ‘basic schoolboy errors’.


I note that you have spoken to Monsieur Hollande and say that you are ‘keen to do more in Mali’. I know that your knowledge of history leaves much to be desired so let me enlighten you. First lesson, never trust the French. Never was a phrase – “glad to see the back of them” – more apt because, probably, that is all you will see. After the debacle in Indo China the French were quite happy for the Americans to pick up the pieces. Oh, and here is another lesson in history for you; about the only time the Americans have won a battle on their own was when they went into Granada.

I don’t want Mali to become the UK’s Vietnam! You say that no combat troops will be sent but you will commit 250 trainers with a further 250 protection troops. Its the word “PROTECTION”, which worries me. Surely they are COMBAT troops by any other name?

Also, and this is probably why the economy is doing so badly, your maths. You say, and I quote, “Britain’s contribution would number 10’s not 100’s”. Now, are you counting in multiples of ten or are you just blind to the actual number of troops you are sending? Is it 50 tens or is it 500? See the problem,  Dave? 


Your management of the NHS is another area of great concern. Apparently you, through Jeremy Hunt have created a more cost effective and efficient Health Service. I believe, as a country, we spend around 8-9% of GDP on Health care. This is somewhat below the European average and, according to the World Health Organisation, we are 15th best in Europe and 18th best in the World. Rather calls into dispute the assumption that the NHS is the best in the World. Another lie Dave?

The latest mantra from the Health Department propaganda offices is that obesity is costing the NHS £millions. Does this include the £4million spent over a five year period to send overweight people to Weightwatchers? I note that another great money saving scheme is to encourage families to look after their loved ones when they are in hospital. Do we not train and pay nurses to do this? What about the the Health Tourists” who you allow to use NHS resources for free, is that cost effective?

The answer is staring you and Jeremy in the face, get rid of top management and their acolytes, stop paying ridiculous wages and pensions and allow doctors and nurses to do what they are paid for.

Failing that, if you do aim to get rid of the NHS, then for goodness sake say so. People who are able can then make their own health care arrangements and you will have to come up with alternative health care schemes for those who can’t. At the moment you are causing frustration and misery to thousands of sick and elderly people.


This brings me neatly on to the imminent arrival of the Darling Buds of May from Bulgaria and Romania. You say, 70,000 over the next five years, Truly a “Conservative” estimate! In Bucharest alone, some waiting lists are so long that they have had to stop taking applicants.

And, what is your “BIG IDEA”? An advertising campaign telling the Bulgar’s and Romanians that Britain is too cold for them. Yes, we regularly have temperatures of -32C in London and Manchester.

Grow up! As if they care, when the average wage in this country is around £350 per week as opposed to £86 in Romania and £63 in Bulgaria, how many do you really think will be hopping on the nearest donkey to get over here? Not only that, they can get, as a right, £71 in Job Seekers Allowance plus £20.30 for the first child and £13.40 for every child after that. They are not going to worry about the weather are they? To tell us that you expect 70000 over the next five years is ridiculous. 


On the subject of Europe, I see that since the Coalition took office you have managed to squander £700 million passing 400 new EU Laws. That’s a mind boggling, £1,750,000 per law. I realise that you are rubbish at finance and maths but even you must admit that, that figure is excessive! Just think how many more people you could send to Weightwatchers for that?


HS2, the Tory “pet” project. My big fear with this is that it is just a political excuse to turn Middle England into Milton Keynes. I would imagine that you have investors queueing up all along the route, each eager to get their grubby hands on a piece of prime real estate. I can see concrete from the Wash to the Welsh Marshes. What for? Why do we need this form of transport? Studies have shown there is no proof that high speed transport has caused a boom in the local economies. Or, for that matter, made money. Basically they are good at getting people from A to B quickly unless, of course, it snows.


I, like the other members of The UKIP are curious as to why you want to wait until 2017 before offering the people of this country a referendum. I did ask this in my last letter but a reply was not forthcoming. Is this because you do not expect to be Prime Minister in 2017? In which case, why not hold a referendum now? Maybe you already know the outcome of your proposed renegotiation? 

“ifs and maybes” eh Dave. The story of your tenure in Office.  Unfortunately, your dithering has cost people in this country their livelihoods, their health, and their homes Like Blair, you came into Office on a lie and hope to get re-elected on the same lie. Its not going to happen. People have seen through you and your love affair with the EU and as a result are coming over to UKIP in their droves. They will continue to do so long after you have been cast aside by your own kind. UKIP will have a profound effect on the formation of the next Government. You, Mr Cameron will not! 




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