Our Esteemed Leaders?

Two words, “pretty grim”. No matter what spin the two grinning idiots above try to put on it, this country of ours is very, very ill. Blaming the Labour Party for thirteen years of spend, spend, spend is wearing a bit thin. Non-the-less true I’ll admit but, the Coalition have got to start taking responsibility for dosing us with the wrong medicine.
It wouldn’t be so bad if they could agree on something once in a while. Take for example, boundary changes. Common sense if the two idiots want to stand any chance of serving another Term in Office. No, nano brain Clegg, in a fit of pique, throws his dummy out of the pram and tells the Tories he won’t agree to it. In the House of Lords, LibDem Peers follow suit. 
No wonder their motto is:-

Of course, the main problem is The EU. All three Main Parties want to stay in the European Union but none will admit to the General Public that it is they the, self serving, Politicians who actually want to be in The EU. They see their careers spiralling into the stratosphere. Unlimited perks, unlimited expenses, unlimited responsibility. Everybody speaking German with French as a second language.

Its alright John, don’t panic. Everyone knows you’re too thick to speak English let alone another language!

Where was I? Oh yes, Our Esteemed Leaders. Therein lies my problem. Are there any, “leaders”?
Clegg?           Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, don’t think so.
Cameron?      Hardly, at the moment he’s like a fox whose thankful for Labour’s fox hunting ban.
Milliband?     Union stooge, likes to be led.
This is why at the next General Election the few who bother to vote will probably do this:-

Where does this leave us? Wait a minute, I’ve just spotted a LEADER!

The three stooges running this country; make no mistake, Labour are in on the act as well, are all just that – stooges. They are all left of centre and all see a new Socialist State where there once was Europe. Stalin must be looking down and beaming.  Common Agricultural Policy, Common Fisheries Policy, Monetary Union under the Euro, all policed from Berlin. An Oligarchy by any other name.

What do we do? We question the three stooges for a start. We make it plain to them that we not only have a say in our own destiny but we demand it. Cameron is under the misapprehension that he will be re elected in 2015 and that he can wait until 2018 before giving the referendum that he promised four years ago when he was in Opposition. Don’t be fooled, he won’t be in power and there will not be a referendum. The country will be dragged further into the mire that is the EU, we will have adopted the Euro because that is what despicable Labour desire more than anything. Worse, we will have had our National Identity forcibly erased.

The Internet is a powerful tool, so is the post box; we must write letters of complaint, organise petitions, use the Social Media. Use the ballot box and dismiss these cretins who have made our lives a misery for the last fifteen years. A lot of people will not agree but we do have a choice, we can study the UKIP Policy Document and make an informed choice on who runs this country. For me it is a simple choice you either vote EU or you vote UKIP. Make no mistake, none of the present incumbents have the nerve to give the British people a straight choice between self determination and EU slavery.
For those sold on the lies about UKIP perpetuated by the Left I say, take your Politicians to task if you are against the EU but cannot, for whatever reason, vote for another Party other than the one you have always voted for. Politicians will tell you differently but, they are like solicitors, paid for by you and bound to take Instruction.

We have had thirteen years of “Nanny State” or, Dictatorship, to give it its proper name. The love in between these two:-

I really love you Tony xxx
became a hate match especially when the One Eyed Man of The Manse realised he hadn’t signed a pre-nup. He took his anger out on the British people by making the country virtually bankrupt. The notion that it was all the fault of the banks is not true. Past and present Governments on both sides of the Atlantic were happy to let the banks have free reign because they all put Party before the people. Not that it bothered Blair, he went off into the sunset to cheatcultivate new friends and make his millions. Proof if proof were needed that my point about Politicians being self serving is made.

Where Does The Blame Lie?


Unfortunately if you voted for any of the, so called, Three Main Parties then you did and the blame does lie with you. However the larger burden of guilt must lie with the “Three” because they have cultivated apathy amongst the Electorate like the early settlers to America cultivated Chicken Pox amongst the indigenous population. Politics today is all about making the Party in majority look good by making everyone who disagrees with them look bad. The insidious Labour Party set up Quangos and Committees to enforce their spiteful and, in some cases unjust, views. Racist, homophobic, anti social, became the norm. Pretty soon we would all stop complaining or, so they hoped.

The Labour Party started and perpetuated the “Blame Culture“, Cameron and his buddies have done nothing to stop it. Cameron is a white version of Obama. both tell the Public what they want to hear in order to get the popular vote. They both bleat that although they are the good guys it is all the others who stop them doing what the people want.

So, yes. You are to blame but, in mitigation, you were all suckered in by some very polished PR. Something the Labour Party learned in their “Wilderness” years but something the arrogant Tories failed to do.

What Next?


Nigel Farage uses plain speaking and, unusual for a Politician, truth. Our brains have become so desensitised to this form of rhetoric that we find it hard to believe what he says. Ask a question and he answers it. Got to be lying is your first thought. Then after a while, if you allow your brain to think about what the answer was, you realise that it is in fact true. Sometimes it is not what you want to hear but the truth rarely is. Frightening isn’t it. A politician who actually worries about his country rather than his bank balance. Yes, UKIP have had problems but unlike this idiot:-



The self proclaimed Wallace of the Labour Party. Our leadership did something about it. They acted swiftly and in the interests of the majority. Not something Call Me Dave, Wallace and Clammy Clegg are used to.

Hopefully, THE FUTURE


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