“The Bigger Picture”

A Tory goes into in electrical shop and spots a bargain. “I’d like to buy this TV,” he tells the salesman. “Sorry we don’t sell to Tories,” he replies. The man hurries home and dyes his hair black, then goes back to the shop and says to the salesman, “I’d like to buy that TV please.” The salesman looks at him and says, “I’m sorry, we don’t sell to Tories.” The man goes back to his house and goes for a more drastic disguise, cutting off his hair and changing his entire outfit. He waits a few days before going back to the shop. “I’d like to buy this TV,” he says. “I’m sorry we don’t sell to Tories.” The salesman says. The man asks, “How do you know I’m a Tory?”

“Because that’s a microwave!” he replies.

I tell this joke to emphasise the mind boggling stupidity of the Conservative Party and, Call Me Dave, in particular. Here is a man, supposedly well educated, afforded a position of great responsibility by his Party and, more importantly, by the British people. He tells the people, through the Media, that he wants to serve this country for another Term after the next General Election. Amazingly he does this with a straight face. He actually cannot see that he and his Party are not only a joke in this country but in Europe as well.

Its all “smoke & mirrors.” He tells us and The EU that they must change before we in the UK agree to anymore legislation or increase in membership fee.  To emphasise how serious he wants you to believe he is, he and the rest of his Europhiles have put together an “Action Plan”. This lays out the Tory Wish List  to the rest of The EU. That noise you hear is 26 countries laughing at him and his mob. The loudest laughter coming from Nigel Farage and his team of realists.

Without boring you with too much detail the main points are: –

  1. Introducing a referendum lock
  2. Staying out of the Euro
  3. Ending UK participation in EU bailouts
  4. Auditing the EU’s balance of competence

Number 4 on the list is probably the biggest joke of all, this is how it is set out:

I quote;  In July 2012 we launched an audit of what the EU does and how it affects us in the UK. It will look at where competence lies, how the EU’s competences are used and what that means for our national interest. The review will conclude by the end of 2014.

Here is the punch line:

  • The results of the review will inform future EU policy.

All this would be fine if we, the Great British Public believed him. The man is a complete hypocrite leading a Party of hypocrites. We know that we are going to get strong hints over the coming months of  the possibility of a referendum. You can guarantee it will be a ‘Definite Maybe‘ that it will happen before or after the next Election. Bullshit! The only certain thing we know is that all three main Parties want to fully immerse this country into The EU.

George Eustice said David Cameron said an in-out referendum would deny the British people “the choice they want”. “The right thing to do is a renegotiation first …The Germans and the French have already issued statements, along with the EU President and the President of the Commission, to say that no further negotiations will take place.

The four points he and his MEPs have thrashed out are worthless. Yet still the Europhiles from both sides of the House of Commons bleat on about Cameron’s strong bargaining position. Again, Bullshit! The Labour Party gave all our bargaining chips away so Call Me Dave’s – Audit of the EU’s balance of Competence, – and the resulting – review – will be just pie in the sky.

Here is another joke; whilst in his world it is fine to ignore his own people – that’s us folks. He is so sensitive about hurting the French and Germans that he has decided to bring is speech forward by four days to avoid clashing with the 50th anniversary of the 1963 Elysee Treaty between France and West Germany.

Cameron is a modern day Neville Chamberlain although, in my opinion, much more self serving. Trust him at your peril.

Thought You Had a Pension?

A man walks into a bar and starts playing a tune on the piano. An elephant, sat alone in the corner of the room, bursts into tears and weeps uncontrollably as he plays. “I’m sorry, do you recognise the tune?” the man says.

The elephant replies, “No, but I recognise the ivory!”

Yep, all those of you under the age of forty seven know what a pension is but will have to recognise that you will not get what you expected to get. This is the new Fairer Society, The All In It Together  mantra of the deluded Coalition.

Are the Coalition being fair? No, is the answer. As a ratepayer I know that my Council leaders and officials  are robbing me and the rest of the ratepayers in order to feather their pension nests and inflated salaries. Are the Coalition doing anything about it? NO! It seems to me that nearly all of the decisions taken by this load of idiots are ill thought out, knee jerk or to spite the Opposition, whom they blame for all the country’s ills.

To a certain extent they are right to blame the insidious Labour Party. Yes, The One Eyed Man of The Manse raided the pension pot, sold the gold reserves off cheap and generally fucked up the economy. However, to go completely the other way and punish the very people who helped you into power is crass stupidity. Not one of the modern day Politicians has a sense of history. By that I mean that none of them look to history for a lesson in Government.

If the UK Parliament is the “Mother Of All Parliaments” then there must be mistakes to learn from, successes to adapt, great leaders to aspire to. Self interest, self indulgence and greed seem to be the order of the day for today’s MPs. A shining example is the Daddy of all smooth talking shysters, Tony Blair.

What has this got to do with pensions? It has a lot to do with it, For this country to integrate with the EU behemoth as Cameron and his Coalition partners along with despicable Labour, want. The Welfare State as we know it must go. IDS is well on the way to dismantling the Works and Pension side and it wont be long before the NHS is privatised. Pensions is just the tip of the iceberg. My statements in this paragraph answer the question; why has nothing been done to curb Council & Civil Servant Pensions? The Politicians want all pensions to be under the Private Sector.

Heath was the traitor who started the downfall of this country but Blair and Labour were the true architects of its sad demise. If only more people had realised Blair’s true purpose.

I wrote a poem back in 2008 with the title – Oh To Be In England. (Now That Tony’s Gone)  The last verse goes like this;  I make no excuses for the bad rhyme or metre

Oh to be a fly upon the wall in number ten

Oh to listen whilst they plan their newest stratagem

Oh to groan aloud as another post is filled

Oh to softly cry as another soldiers killed!

Oh to wonder at this callous veneer

Oh to despair for all that we hold dear

Oh the travesty of Tony Blair’s new post

Oh to wonder at the talks this hypocrite will host

Oh to realise and rue that sad June day

When Mr Blair, with Gordon’s help, gave England away!

Who is pushing to be the first President for Life of The EU? Who laid the foundations for this? Who aspires to be his successor (That is if he lives that long)?

VOTE UKIP!  Get us out of this circus before it is too late.


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