(NOTE: Whilst not a member of The United Kingdom Independence Party I fully support the Party on Europe and the EU. My views and opinions are my own.)


It is a good and a fair question. One that no present day Member of Parliament is likely to give an honest answer to. Add to the mix the fact that if there were to be a referendum on the UK’s membership in Europe, what form it take? Straight In/Out, or one based on supposed renegotiation of our terms of membership.

The Politicians are divided on this, (or so they would have you believe) some want a complete withdrawal whilst others want to leave things as they are. Still others want to stay in but only after a renegotiation. Then, there is the dastardly United Kingdom Independence Party. (UKIP). They want us out and they want us out now. Are they so dastardly though?

It has been well banded about that the cost to every single taxpayer in this country for membership of the EU is £53m per day. A lot of money, especially in these austere times. Can the UK afford this? If you listen to the confusing rhetoric from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the answer is, no! On the one hand he is squeezing money, through taxation, from everyone from savers to pensioners whilst at the same time giving billions of (£)pounds away in foreign aid, not to mention The EU.

UKIP have obviously done their homework. They say that by leaving the EU we will save £53 million a day for starters. Plus over £60 billion per year due to trade barriers, business regulations, waste, fraud, administration costs and the destruction of our fishing industry. According to “Open Europe“, EU business regulations cost over £20 billion per year. UKIP say; abolish those determined not essential by a commission appointed by Parliament.

UKIP Policy goes further and shows that they are not just a “one trick pony”. Given the authority by the British Electorate they would take 4.5 million of low incomes out of tax altogether with a simple, flat rate income tax. With the threshold set at minimum wage.                                                                        Financial Services yield £61 billion in tax revenue or 12% of the UK total. They say, exclude the City from EU controls.

UK national debt will exceed £1.4trillion by the end of this Parliament by which time Osborne’s cuts will not even equal out EU contributions. This is insane, especially given that Public spending is increasing and the Coalition’s cuts do not scratch the surface of Labour’s deficit. UKIP say, quite logically, that we must cut down Government if we are to return to a sound economy.

EU “renewable” energy rules will double electricity bills by 2020. A fact that is becoming ever more apparent as the price of Utilities rises unchecked on a yearly basis. Global warming is not proven – latest research shows that it ceased about the time Blair’s Government took power. (obviously a coincidence). Wind power is useless; UKIP would scrap all green taxes, wind turbine subsidies and adopt nuclear power to free us from dependence on fossil fuels and foreign gas and oil. Quango’s cost the UK about £60 billion each year – at least half the cost of the NHS. Bring them under Parliament control and cut cost substantially. Cut taxes on small businesses and abolish the tax on work – Employers National Insurance. Finally, cut foreign aid rigorously and replace with free trade.

To answer the question, unless the UK get out of the EU there is not a lot in it for the average man on the street. Unfortunately for us, the politicians from the three main Parties in this country are all “career” politicians and they are in it for themselves. The chances of getting a referendum that gives Mr Uk a straight choice – in/out – is remote. Even if we do get that choice I suspect that a vote to get out will be ignored and we will have a scenario similar to the one forced upon the Irish people when they vited NO.

It is worth noting that with all Cameron’s posturing, he is not likely to win another General Election so his promises count for nothing. However, relying on the Labour Party to give you a fair deal in the EU is also folly. They, despite their protestations, will lead us into the Euro. It make s sense, the EU is basically a Socialist led conglomerate and the Labour Party is 80% funded by the Unions. Mr Milliband is going to do as he is told or face the wrath of the TUC. Utopia for them is a multicultural society whereby we all use the same currency, there are no borders and Europe becomes a Federalist Union with the UK being one of its many States. No identity, no say and no hope.

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